Lucas – The Freedom Chosen – Feel Freedom – 5 May 2013

feel_freedom_27651In my country today it is freedom day and it is connected to the remembering the dead of the wars….. the day before.  I ask myself how long do we need to repeat the past in our minds, stay in our victimhood and our victorious moods as its opposite.  Is freedom just freedom of no more war or is it more. Being really free of all bonds and ties that keep you tied into something is that freedom.

Is being free the absence of all that is not free.  Freedom is often seen as liberation of the oppressors. Freedom is seen as breaking the shackles but is that  just freedom for a second or not. Freedom needs to be lived. It is the free energy that flows through and in all.  It is freedom for all and in all by having all equality. Therefore the boundaries of freedom are already drawn into the word.  Is freedom about free living your life or it is also establishing freedom for all other life on this planet.  Freedom is caring, sharing and helping as it is also being part of the total freedom without a system or controllers keeping it “free”. There is no freedom in the individual freedom if we do not recognize that of others.  What freedom you have chosen in your life is up to your perception in this new paradigm forming.

I chose to be free in all for all. In being in service and being also helped by others respecting as much each others boundaries to be free without doing harm 0r damage. I chose freedom for all of us individuals but also living as one in unity.  Being free is learning to be free and being freedom in respecting freedom.  Let us shape our freedom in the now without going back and forth in past, present and future.  It is time to reconcile all that what was freedom for a few and make it freedom for all. All that what WAS is forgotten and all that is IS.  Feel freedom. It is always there where you’re free, it is in your heart space.

Love and light,


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