SacredSpiralOfLight – Eileen – Our Ginger Star & Our Bill – 5 May 2013

cropped-sekhmet1Well …. how wonderful.

We have been hearing from Bill Ballard that he and his friend Ginger had performed some water ceremonies recently and now I hear that the `Ginger’ who Bill is referring to is our very own `Ginger Star’ … one of our Whanau!

How great is that!

Here is Ginger’s correspondence regarding the water ceremonies …  I want to add here that I am so excited and happy and feeling such wonderful things recently regarding our connections ….

Ginger … I feel that the picture of you and Bill is really beautiful …. the energy which you both convey is heavenly♥

Thank you for allowing me to share this with us all.

Hi Eileen,

It has been a busy time for me but I’ve had the joy to sit down and periodically read some of your posts and your most recent post concerning Bill Ballard stood out to me as he is a good friend of mine and according to him, I am a member of his soul family (monad). He also helped me through some difficult times last fall and helped me get out of a cycle and also to understand all of this…this energy change, earth change etc.

One day while we were conversing on Skype, I told him I had seen your post with a water cleanse symbol (although you gave it a different name that he had for it) and I told him that I would like to do a water cleanse ceremony here with it.  He called it the sacred ancient geometry symbol ‘Metatron’s cube’.  It creates powerful vortex’s.

Since I hadn’t had a vacation in awhile he invited me down to Crystal River Florida for a visit just prior to starting my new job.  I printed 4 of those sacred geometry symbols with the intent that we would do water ceremonies down there as Bill lives 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico (BP oil spill site but Bill calls it the Biblical Bottomless Pit) and the same distance from a nuclear power plant, right there on the ocean which has been shut down with a cracked reactor (see photo of us with the plant in the background).

When I arrived Bill took me to a spot where the tree’s formed a circle on the property that he manages and inside the circle is a strong energy vortex…..when you walk through it you feel it in all of your chakras.  He also told me to walk near a spot on the outside of the vortex and stand there and tell him what it felt like….well….same thing but stronger.  He had planted/buried an activated crystal there.

So the next day we drove around to choose a site for our first ceremony and also to have a picnic beach day as he has only worked since arriving there last September and hadn’t yet toured around….we walked around looking for different areas on a very long pier/roadway which connected mainland to a small island with a beach on it.  Just beautiful…but there, off in the distance stood the nuclear power plant with steam/smoke rising from its stacks.  We walked out onto a tall dock style pier where many stood fishing for bait and one woman shouted ‘A Manatee!’ and there under the water swiftly floated a giant shadow of a creature and it was moving quickly by the time I could bend over the rail to see it.  We walked to the other side hoping to get a glimpse of him and he surfaced…looked toward and right at ‘us’ and then went down.  I was in shock….as I knew the special meaning of that acknowledgment.

We then left the pier and had spotted the site from it where we would do the ceremony…off of a rocky beach with reeds where no one seemed to be.  I pulled out my Metatron’s cube and we discussed the day before what our intent was.  During that time I had brought him an Eagle feather, all the way from Canada.  I handed him the black eagle feather (very dark brown) and I held the white one and with the intent that we had come together to assist both Mother Earth and Humanity during this lifetime.  So we began the ceremony and while Bill spoke he asked that I visualize the vortex and place the cube in the water and initially my vortex (bottom of it moving counter clockwise with the top moving clockwise) was small….I then realized it needed to be quite large to help this area…so I expanded it (visualizing the maps that I had just looked at) to at least a 20 mile radius, covering the nuclear power plant and with our intent the vortex would pull impurities from the water, from the ground water beneath the surface and flush them up into the Source, taking any water in the atmosphere, with pollutants, along with it.  Just at the end of the ceremony Bill stepped beside me and held my hand….and there was quite an energy that passed through our palms.

Immediately following the ceremony…just as we turned around and began to look for stones to take with us….’two pure white butterflies appeared’.  Again, I knew that was a very special sign.

I asked my channelling method the next day, about that energy that passed through our hands as well as the outcome from the ceremony, as I am still learning and I was told that we had created an Alpha and Omega bond (male and female) and because we are a soul family (he is very familiar to me from many past lives) there is Love but love like ‘Family’.  I was then told that because of the presence of these aspects we had created a powerful ‘rolling’ vortex which moves throughout the planet and when we touched hands we completed the intent of the Alpha and Omega bond which was needed to do that.

I use the TAUK method to channel my Higher Conscious.  Suzanne Spooner created it.

So upon leaving the area (and we felt the area coming in and took note) the energy had become stronger.  I also picked up two stones from the site (Bill handed me a heart shaped stone…what are the chances? Haha) and I picked up a larger stone and I have them here with me.  Bill has said that on my last day there…the energy was amplifying but its done that every day throughout April as I was there Easter Weekend.  I came home and my channelling method explained that I brought along that energy in the stones I carried with me.

We did two more ceremonies in the area…one on the Rainbow river and the other on Crystal River.

Eileen, please keep in mind that is not the best photo of me!  Ha…A wonderful day at the beach and a wonderful day for a ceremony….but see the nuclear power plant off in the distance?

Bill has said that ‘many’ are now being called to activate the crystal beds beneath the grid lines around the world…..many and some are even called to Crystal River.  Its all very interesting.

You are welcome to share this post if you wish and also, your insights or feelings about this would be valuable to me as I feel you are quite a master of energy and knowing and I am still learning yet my intent was very strong and the urge to do this.

Thank you Eileen….for all your posts  (((Hugs)))) link to original article