Dutch Baby Milk Powder Supplier Pressed By Overseas Demand Rises – 6 May 2013

images(Lucas: Interesting is that the Chinese are hoarding baby milk powder in The Netherlands. Milk powder runners hoard babymilk in the stores in The Netherlands to sent it home. The distrust in the government and own babymilk factories is still zero  after the babymilk scandal of 2008. The Dutch themselves can not get any powder milk  in their stores and supermarkets anymore due to the hording. Now there will be a new policy of restricting the amount each client can buy.  Maybe people should wake up. Feeding your children with breastmilk/mother milk is in my view the best and natural way.)

THE HAGUE, May 2 (Xinhua) — Baby milk powder products are still scarce in Dutch shops due to high overseas demands, one of the main Dutch manufacturers Nutricia said on Thursday.

Nutricia, producer of Nutrilon, on Thursday even apologized to Dutch consumers in a full-page ad in several newspapers for that lack of milk powder.

“In the Netherlands we are faced with an unprecedented demand for Nutrilon in recent months,” states General Manager of Nutricia Christophe Wadel in the ad. “This increase is mainly attributable to the demand of parents outside the Netherlands.”

In late April, the major manufacturers FrieslandCampina (Friso) and Nutricia (Nutrilon) had stated that the situation was under control, but the products seem to be still in short supply.

Also, in many Dutch supermarkets and drugstores, an upper limit was set to the number of packages that could be purchased per customer.

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