Kauilapele – Message From Ginger…”My Comments & Poof 5-5-13 ‘What A Week'” – 6 May 2013

ginger_kittens_duo4Ginger emailed this to her Kona Occupy Disclosure OPPT-IN group, and gave me the okay to post it here. I felt it fit right in with the Poof message.—————————————————————————

My Comments & Poof 5-5-13 “What a Week”

This feels such a pivotal Singularity moment!

Some of you may have already seen this via KP, or now “Brad’s”, post just now. And I am forwarding it on to you in how it fits with all of the things reportedly having happened last week (i.e. – suddenly some criminal folks being arrested) . . . and combined with what I have just noticed posted by D (RTS) and Heather in the OP chat rooms yesterday & today that are not completely clear to me and most of us /(but “all good!”)/ . . . as well as my just having a very interesting phone conversation with someone today, who understands ALL the details way better than I do./(I am just a big-picture dot connecting generalist going on what feels pono to my heart & gut here, but ready to be wrong in a heartbeat! :)) – lol/

The following is my best attempt at letting you know “what the heck has been going on” and how to maybe help envision things are now going down now, /multi dimensionally . . .

1. RE “the RV” (specifically re-evaluation of the dinar & dong currencies)- this was a deliberate plan to keep everyone holding these currencies in a constant state of great hope, anticipation and then major disappointments (insane-ride) energies to be harvested. And it may never happen, _and does NOT have-to happen_(like some folks seem to believe it does, from only a 3D perspective). And D told me this morning that the reports from Okieoilman are not from him, and personally, I do not really care about all this anymore. So my deepest apologies to all of you who do have dinars, whom I may have unknowingly contributed to this harvesting :(((( . . .
so it’s time for me to stay neutral and in “the middle way/path” & humor now!/

2. RE what Heather has just stated, “it IS the MOMENT” posted here today – http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca/2013/05/heather-it-is-moment.html . . . and her to questions about it in the chat rooms here –

“. . . the remedy for the perpetuity (mankind) and its process that previously existed in the former systems (hidden in plain sight) was done…they chose to not provide it…which when a remedy is not provided then that system becomes illegal as a matter of law, matter of fact and a matter of public policy…they collapsed their own former slavery systems…that letter was their notice of collapsing the remedy and therefore their former systems (destroy any element of underwriting and the whole underwriting is destroyed..essentially)…that was the letter that was posted and an open letter in response to complaints by some purported experts who were stating that a lien was not perfected…and we agreed…one was not because that was not the proper application to the facts…”/ – Heather

And her pointing to more about this here –

. . . Essentially Heather is showing how the remedy was already taken care of in March by someone asking about it. But I am not interested in unraveling all this fully transparent legal stuff, but just offering it up here those of you who are that can check it out for yourselves.

3. RE Caleb’s Project XIII – It will be a combined 4D and maybe some 5D technology existing OUTSIDE OF the current internet . . . with Absent Limitations . . . and Caleb & all his tech support are being protected by the 5D or higher beings here to make certain humanity makes this shift. It sounds like there will be a handset sent (outside of 3D ways?) to each of us connected to our own unique frequency signatures to use, free of being hijacked completely!

Now I know some of you may be wondering if all of this is not just another cabal/illuminati being played with hijacking/over shadowing trap/lie for all of us to get all excited and then be disappointed . . . with further harvesting. And hey, I have no proof that this will happen! I just Know from within my BEing.

So again I ask that . . .

1. everyone decide for themselves their own “truthiness” here,
2. and if they resonate what Caleb is reportedly creating, help envision it in asap,
3. and help envision in everything happening at once . . .the old system already fallen, while a new system IS already in place, NOW. . . and emotionally free of anymore harvesting.

In other words, I am having FUN DO-ing,envisioning a combined “Singularity Event” going on right now – lol, with love to you all,

GingerSnap! (http://www.Meetup.com/Kona-Occupy-Disclosure-OPPT-IN)


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