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The energies from the sun are bombarding the earth at the moment and it is reacting in so many different ways. At times the energy seems frantic and at times overwhelming as we continue to race along, trying to expel what is no longer needed, while at other times it seems the more peaceful everything seems to become. At times things seem so tranquil I begin to doubt myself asking if I am maybe not doing enough clearing, am I avoiding it, why should I be so tranquil?

I don’t know what phase of this journey I am on, but I do know I am doing what I should be doing for everything is as it should be. There is no right or wrong way to be dealing with ascension in my mind, we do what we feel is best for us and we move ahead at the speed which works for us. I keep seeing more and more rather apprehensive writings online about what the dark forces are up to and how we are about to succumb to the their oppression. I was there once, keeping close eyes on what they were up to and staying informed. What I found by doing that was that I was keeping one foot firmly planted in 3D cement and I would find myself vacillating up and down as the urgency ramped up. Not anymore! I’m not giving any energy to 3D to continue creating evil.

I think this is why the mist of tranquility has floated over my life finally. I have cut the umbilical cord with 3D by in large. I am fully aware of what is going on around me, but I have chosen not to give it my energy or thoughts for in doing so it feeds the fire and fans the flames. We create in our lives what we give our thoughts to and that is one reality I do not wish to be a part of. Imagine if everyone stopped putting their thoughts on what was bad and what could happen or may happen or will happen! The fire of evil would die out and there would no longer be the winds of fury to fan the flames. This is what we all need to understand on a very deep level,if we stop thinking about it and feeding it our energy, then the fuel to keep the battle going dries up, because it is our thoughts that perpetuate the ongoing battle.

I am not saying turn our heads or bury them in the sand, what I am saying is don’t harbor the thoughts and feelings within. I still sign petitions almost daily, I write continually to my politicians, I do what I can to create alternative ways locally of getting around current problems etc. I am active, but I am able to separate from it once I am finished doing what I was doing. I do not carry it with me! This has allowed me great peace within. My surroundings reflect this, they are peaceful and earth centered and simple. I work hard at being as self-sufficient as possible, I do for myself and in doing this I feel better about myself. I know I can rely on myself, I trust myself and I trust the whole process. Everything is unfolding as it should be, in its proper timing, everywhere in the world.This is where our thoughts and intentions need to be, on cutting loose and being who we truly are at all times.

So we must gift ourselves peace within by cutting the umbilical cord to 3D and all the drama it entails. Unplug and diminish the power of the darkness. This seems like the hardest part of this battle, to let go of what was and embrace what is, and what is is whatever kind of reality we choose for our self. We have so much power and far too many people don’t even understand this. Our thoughts are powerful and eventually will be what wins this battle. All it takes is believing it, our biggest challenge before us.

Blessings to us all,

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