John Smallman – Saul – A Vast Selection Of New And Brilliant Ideas Are Being Developed Very Quickly – 8 May 2013

john-blog-pics-0135Beneath the cloak of alarm and disaster with which the mainstream media blankets the airwaves, much of an extremely positive and beneficial nature is happening as more and more of you gather in groups to address the issues which have successfully divided you against one another for so long.  It is definitely time for a major change in attitudes and perceptions, and this is now happening on a much larger scale than you might think, because peaceful and loving initiatives seldom make it into the papers, let alone to the front pages or to the major TV networks.  However, despite the lack of mainstream reportage, an enormous amount of progress is being made very rapidly as those with the knowledge, the communication skills, and an enthusiastic passion to bring about the changes that the New Age symbolizes and will serve, get together, both in person and electronically, to develop and enhance the abundance of creative ideas which are exploding into the conscious awareness of so many of you.

Thoughts and ideas are the necessary precursors to action of any kind, and a vast selection of new and brilliant ones are currently being developed in what many of you might consider to be the most unlikely places.  The best of these ― and they are also numerous ― are being developed very quickly and effectively to deal with the problems that your modern economic and industrial activities have so severely aggravated over the last few decades.  The technologies and equipment needed to repair the damage caused to the planet by decades of use of unnecessarily destructive methods of harvesting both mineral and biological resources are now available and will be put to work first to mitigate the damaging environmental effects already caused, and then to heal the areas where destruction has occurred.

Those of you who have seen some of the extreme depredation that has been perpetrated in remote areas might think that the harm is beyond repair, but the planet is a valiant and powerful soul, and the remedies that are now available for assisting in her healing are quite remarkable.  What you might think of as amazing results are beginning to occur as these remedies are applied.

And of course the new energies that have been flowing so freely and abundantly over the last few months are having a very beneficial effect on humanity as a whole, bringing into people’s awareness with increasing intensity the realization and the remembrance that all are one and that to care for self means to care for all.  The art of caring is returning to places where it has not been seen for a very long time, and is bringing peace with it which enables spiritual renewal to spread through communities that have suffered division and conflict for generations.

The way forwards towards awakening is looking very bright and optimistic even in spite of the ongoing problems on which the media have been focusing their attention.  A sea change in attitudes and behaviors has been firmly established, and although a little back-sliding may occur here and there, the onwards march of humanity to the moment of mass awakening will not be halted.

In your daily lives, make a point of looking for the bright moments, the moments of upliftment, and do not discount them as aberrant occurrences that are too good to be true; they are not.  They are signs, very visible signs of the New Age that has arrived and is creating the strong foundations on which lasting peace, harmony, and abundance are being established.

All across the world people are standing up and supporting one another as they refuse to be cowed or suppressed any longer by seemingly powerful elites who would control them.  Those days are coming to an end, although you will continue to see signs of resistance from those elites for a little longer as they attempt to defend their indefensible positions of prestige, remaining reluctant to release the power and authority they have enjoyed and still see as their “rightful heritage.”

Social change of a major nature is firmly underway.  The Arab Spring followed by the Occupy Movement are just the first signs of this major social turning-point and it is irreversible.  Moreover, further movements for change in which the peoples of the world reclaim and regain their sovereignty, their respect, and their dignity are building rapidly.  Large numbers of those who supported the old order are having “Aha” experiences as they realize that it is not, and never has been, in their best interests to carry out the enforcement demanded of them.

Weapons are being laid down in many places as more and more of you come to the understanding that no problems can ever be resolved by resorting to violence.  Animated discussions are taking place to resolve divisive issues, and it is becoming ever more apparent to those involved that this is the only sane way forwards.

Assistance from those in other realms and dimensions proceeds unabated, and the divine field of Love continues its task of penetrating all hearts and melting away anything it finds there that is not in perfect alignment with it.  Look forwards brightly, optimistically, and enthusiastically in the sure knowledge that your collective will and intent is most definitely moving into a state of permanent alignment with God’s.

With so very much love, Saul. / link to original article

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