Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Hearts In The World – 9 May 2013

gods20handGod said:

Let go of judging everything. Judging is often the same as reprimanding. Judging is often condemnation. It can only be a second-guess. Regardless of the direction judging goes in, whether it is toward oneself or another, judging is a spoilsport.

On the other hand, you will do well not to praise nor to judge. Both are amiss. Appreciate when you appreciate, but go easy with it. Whether self-respect, self-regard, self-esteem, self-pride, or any combination thereof is thought or spoken, the idea of self-worth holds different meanings. Judging likely is justifying your point of view.

Who would have ego when he truly has a strong sense of self? Who would require building up, and who would require tearing anyone else down?

When I suggest that you love yourself, I do not mean praising yourself or some kind of over-blown view of yourself. I speak of Reality, the Reality of Self. However, what you call reality and what I call Reality are not the same thing. There are times when what I see and what you see could not be farther apart.

Here, I will tell you something! Let go of ego, and you won’t judge. What is judging but comparing one thing to another? In the world, anything can be compared to anything. “My luv is a red red rose.” This is a statement of love. It is far more valid than, “My love let me down.”

That your love is a red rose is a far truer picture of love. It is most assuredly a truer picture of the love that is yours to give. Love is irrespective of what you think about it. It’s irrespective of how something did or didn’t turn out. There is more to life than anything you guess at.

When you put aside ego and its ramparts, there isn’t much you cannot do. Ego is the father of boundaries. Ego is a boundary-setter par excellence. Perhaps there is no better boundary-maker in the world than ego. What can equal ego for establishing itself in the world. Perhaps ego is the best of the best, that is, if boundaries were any good at all. Ego may win the prize for being the best of the worst. Don’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. Do not get swept up in its antics.

It must indeed be ego that creates boundaries. What measures the difference between properties but ego? What began the whole concept of limits but ego? Ego judges. Ego sees the need for judging. Ego is worthless except to leave other egos high and dry. Ego swells your pride or reduces it and congratulates itself.

Let Me ask you: If all are One with Me, why aren’t you? Why aren’t you the spirit of Christmas Present then? Why isn’t everyone beneficent to everyone? Why do eyes ever squint? Why is any child left behind? If there are big-shots, are there little-shots as well? Who is a commoner, and who is a royal? What makes it so?

What is there but the world, the surface level of life, to say one is worthy and another is not?

Without judgment in the world, is it possible that one who hurts others and causes trouble and everyone considers bad medicine – is it possible in a world that loved rather than judged that this person would not perform as he has been?

And is it possible that this “bad actor” is a way-shower for you, waving his finger and saying: “No, no, don’t imitate me. You have to love. You simply have to find more love. You have to uphold that which gains from upholding, and no longer uphold that which shuts down hearts in the world.” link to original article


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