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Visionkeeper – Appreciation – 9 May 2013

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Joy comes in small packages as well as large. A few stalks of wild flowers in a vase means the world to me after a long, cold and all white winter. To begin to see the different colors of flowers gracing the house once again is sheer delight. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – 9 May 2013

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John Ward – Revealed: The Harsh Reality Behind Jeremy Hunt’s Oh-So-Concerned Tweets – 9 May 2013

huntfopaintSlog prediction confirmed as Watchdog bites Hunt in the bum

Two days ago, I posted that public and media apathy about the fate of free healthcare in the UK was guiding us somnambulantly into the ‘shower’ of privatisation. For some months now I’ve been nailing Jeremy Hunt’s every lachrymose tweet about how much he cares for the NHS, when in truth the little weasel is quietly shifting the funds off-piste and watching its hospitals starve. I predicted Lansley’s reforms would create a mess three years ago, and I predicted that – once hospitals saw how little money they’d got – Trust insolvencies were bound to follow. All of this has come to pass. Continue reading

TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Limitless Creation Of Compassion – 9 May 2013

The very meaning of this word means movement of the soul. Is it not wonder full? It already entangles Creation by simply saying it. A sleeping soul does not move, does not Create, it actually does nothing but wait and re-creates the same environment by not being aware of itself. A Conscious Soul moves. It not only moves around (that can be done by anyone) but it Consciously moves, creating a higher vibration in anything it touches, no matter if in a physical world or in a multi-dimentional reality. A single thought of Compassion can move universes. Continue reading

AscensionPioneers – Connecting Through Our Hearts, Magic & Ascension Pioneers Giveaway – 9 May 2013

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Ron Van Dyke – Does Our Point Of View Determine Our Reality? – 9 May 2013

Uploaded on 9 May 2013 by Ron Van Dyke One of my friends commented on another friend’s response to yesterday’s video, “Point of view=reality. Government=evil…..that is exactly what you experience. chem trails, false flags, poisoning the water, the air, manipulation of the energy of the population to keep them in fear. The only way to beat it is to strike back, hold the creators accountable: put the bankers in jail, arrest the the politicians, end the fed etc. OR-Government=a creation of the collective consciousness of the planet, out of fear of each other, that actually desires that we all wake up and take responsibility for our own vibration, and change it from fear to love. In that shift, we will be open to new possibility, in which all separation we have created with our planet, each other, will have to fall away. We will either shift, or be destroyed by it. Change your point of view and change your reality by being in allowance of everything, and watch your world and the world around you change.”

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Being Present – 9 May 2013

JamyePriceTo be present in the now moment, you need merely allow your attention to follow the data that is presented to you.  You have emotional, physical and mental reactions to all that you are experiencing.  As you perceive the data that is in your experience, your mind culls the previous data through all lifetimes and compiles it so that choice can be made.  When you do not let the fear of the past or future dominate, you have access to new choice or new information.  You are constantly making choice even if you choose inaction. Your awareness and your ability to perceive the data in your now moment IS Being Present.  It effects all that you do and all that you are being.  Continue reading