Lisa Gawlas – The Portal Of Magnetic Energy Imploded Over Night! – 10 May 2013

magentic-release-on-earthWhat strange and exhausting evening I had, and I am going to blame it all completely on my last reading of the day!! (smile)  I will get to that in a minute.  By 7:30 last evening, I was not falling into sleep, but being pulled deeply into it.  I suddenly became very grateful that just hours earlier I listened to that inner voice that suggested I take my contact out and give my eyes a rest.  Normally, I rebel,  this time, not at all, I popped out my contact and popped on my glasses.  I have never been so grateful for my own obedience   The moment I let go and flew into sleep, someone or something started to drill a hole in my left eye (the eye that, hours earlier, had the contact on it.)  My eye started watering like crazy and hurting like hell, but it didn’t prevent me being drug into sleep!

In my sleep, I was being shown the HUGE significance of all the readings over the last week.  Detail by detail, how important it all is to us, exactly what it meant to the human agenda and then I was woken up again, it was only 11:30 pm which I realized when I got up to go potty.  The moment I laid back down, my left eye was pouring tears out of if to the point of getting my pillow wet.  The pain searing in the far left corner of my left eye prevented me from fully falling asleep and I think, that is exactly what my team wanted.  As I was lingering between half asleep and half awake, I suddenly seen the last reading of the day…

In her reading, I could see her magnetic prominence moving thru the upper loom of life known as the solar eclipse.  She, however, was moving forward underneath the solar eclipse as if a monkey bar was placed directly underneath.  So instead of being weaved into the new energy, she was going hand over hand beneath it.  Stranger yet, I could not see at all, what was on the other side of this eclipse for her.  We were being completely blocked… or so I thought.  Her image was constantly under the loom aspect of the eclipse.  Nor would any one of her team or the field itself, explain to us why… what does this mean to her.  I decided to reschedule her reading to a time I felt we could see more.  Like I have said many times before, I am anal about giving you a quality reading not just a visual that cannot seem to be deciphered!

As I was moving into sleep and my eye pain pulling me back out… suddenly I could see the whole energy of not only her reading, but so many others this week.  Something I never realized in totality before.  What we have been creating is a large and vast portal of energy. I have added some details to the last (simple) visual I shared a couple of days ago:


With my simple tools, I cannot make this drawing completely circular, and really, until my semi-dream state last evening, I had no idea it was a circle, but it is.  I was shown a dynamic circle of energy being created by all the details shown above and each individual holding it all open with their vibration.  As I witnessed this circular energy move and quicken in a clock wise fashion, I could see my lady hanging under the bar area of the solar eclipse, but with purpose that I was soon to understand.

Earlier last year, I was seeing a portal of energy opening horizontally across the field of readings.  Like the field does, it was so prominent for a week or two, then we were off discovering other aspects of ourselves, leaving the rest of the story of the portal behind, or maybe, ahead.  If I am not mistaken, it was around (or after) the solar eclipse last year (May 20th) that that portal opening started to become visual.  I knew that last years solar eclipse and this one today were bookends of each other, but til last evening, I had no clue to what degree.

As the energy started moving faster and faster in a circular motion, it exploded.  Maybe better stated, created a massive opening in the fabric of time and space.  As this explosion happening, I was watching my lady hanging from the monkey bars beneath the solar eclipse get sucked into the portal itself.  I realized she was part of the ground crew, as are the others that I had not seen “in” the solar eclipse.

I was also shown the sine wave energy from the lady the other day and that is what started this circular rotation.  We, as a high collective, have been holding this portal open since last year, filling it, fueling it, expanding it until it was holding enough vibrant energy and life threads to fully release itself into our reality and we went into the explosion with it.  In this HUGE task, we also changed and fueled ourselves within the task we undertook.

I also really feel this is very equal to a massive solar flare.  That magnetic prominence has been so important and so consistent over the last week or so, and to witness the explosion here on earth (vertically) means, we have now fully and completely released all that energy into the new world.  I cannot wait to “see” what it means to us now!!

In my semi-dream like state of being for what felt like hours last evening, I was told and kept awake to harness the consciousness of what I was told, in detail, what all this energy, every thread means to us.  How to use it for our creation with each other, for the greater good.

I wish I would have gotten up and wrote every detail down, but I didn’t.  My eye gushed water thru the entire event, as if they were ripping my vision open further and further in real-time.  I am sure they were.  Just a few weeks ago, the very same thing happened to my right eye (spiritual sight) only I didn’t listen to that inner voice that advised me to take my contact out, so my pain was longer than needed.  Without that opening work in my physical eye, I would not have been able to see the field and the intensely multi-dimensional energy YOU are coming thru with these days.  No doubt, now we will see what this means to your physical life of creation, since my left eye (physical life) now underwent the same work.  With no contact in to aggravate my eye, other than being seriously swollen, it feels good today, pretty much anywayz.

This morning, in my field of vision, I have the explosion, no implosion of that portal looping around and around again.  This time tho, I see it set up in the back yard, where all the readings unfold, opening from top to bottom (top of the mesa to the ground level) and imploding with a tremendous force of massive energy towards the mesa itself.  The energy is still flying outwards and I am so grateful I actually took today off of my calendar.  We would end up being buzzed out just saying hello!!

What a strange night.  12 hours of semi-conscious sleep and I am absolutely exhausted from it all.  I am going to go into meditation later and see if I cannot recover the details that now allude me from my night school event, if I remember anything that feels important, I will put out another sharing today.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, everything changed in the last 24 hours and we are responsible for it all and are responsible more than ever with what we do from here on out.

Welcome to an intensely vibrant New Earth and thank YOU for making it so!!

I love you soooo much, you implode my world (giggle.)

((((HUGZ)))) of great adventures to ALL,

Lisa Gawlas

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