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Visionkeeper – Beliefs – 10 May 2013

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As children it seemed so easy to believe. We would sit quietly listening to fairy tales and bed time stories and our imaginations would run wild. We were there, part of them, the fairy sitting on the shore talking to the frog prince. Believing anything now is so very difficult. So many lies and distortions have challenged our belief system. We are asked to believe all will be well if we just stay in our hearts and keep fear at bay. We are doing just that, but what proof do we have that we are not wasting our time doing this? NONE! But believe we must for it is what will get us to where we want to go. The words blind faith are so very true! We cannot see yet we are asked to believe. In order to do this, we must learn to go deeper within and connect to our souls, where all the answers lie. Our souls can tell us yes, believe, and if we are in tune with our souls we can FEEL we are going in the right direction. This step in the process I fear many are not doing, making believing very difficult. You can believe when you can feel your soul within backing you up and encouraging you to keep going. Listen to your gut! Continue reading

Kauilapele – From D Of RTS .. “Update May 7th ” RV And NESARA And TANSTAAFL” – 10 May 2013

pirate_arr_be_50“ARR VEE…”

I know one or two of you may have some interest in this “RV thing” (or should I say, “RV Three-Ring Circus Thing”?). So I post this from D. The information she presents about NESARA is pretty close to what I got some time back, that “NESARA as present several years ago”, would not happen. It has been so co-opted by “the cabal” that it had to be completely changed. Continue reading

Kauilapele – An Undeniably CLEAR Sign that We ARE in the End Times… “Abbott & Costello Predicted This Would Happen!!” – 10 May 2013

whos_hus_on_firstHu’s on first…

Thanks so much to my Dad who sent this to me!!

For those who do not understand what this photo is about, read this, and/or watch this video (here’s a shorter video).

Uploaded on 16 February 2007 by Swancourt

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3 Minutes News – M3 Flare Behind The Limb – 10 May 2013

Uploaded on 10 May 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Star Family Update – Contact Tonight – The Paradigm Is Shifting – 10 May 2013

Starkeepers(Lucas :  Use your discernment in reading this message. I still wanted you to read it and make up your minds.)

My star family came last night to visit, and again,  to go aboard the ship. This is a delegate ship of the Pleaideans (purple royal ship), and this time Reynolds was allowed to board as well. Beings from many Galactic races were there, as were the Holy Ones, and the discussion was one of interference vs non interference in human affairs here on Earth, what is good for the planet-being Earth, and the evolution/ascension of humans. Continue reading

Lucas – How The Police State Evolves In The Netherlands – 10 May 2013

FE_DA_120405drone425x283fkwillemalexandermaxima 220px-Camera_voor_toezichtThe sneaky way the police state  is evolving in The Netherlands is growing day by day. Here are some examples from the last few weeks. The government proposed by its secretary of state Teeven not long ago unlimited police powers for breaking into computers and communication software related IP devices like smart phones and tablets, servers, etc.  A plausible reason for this proposal and extreme powers for the police were not given and is still hopefully countered by the Parliament and Senate.

When the new King and Queen signed the documents some protesters that ” had permission to protest”  on that spot were forcefully removed and put into jail for 3 hours and got released with a sorry we did this and had no legal authority to do this. The police tactic shown is just used often,  arrest people under false pretences and put them in jail so the nice picture will not be disturbed. The release without prosecution or only a   fine for some statutory law or legality will be found always.  Continue reading

Bloomberg – Jody Shenn – Fannie Mae To Pay Treasury $59.4 Billion After Record Profit – 10 May 2013

media_xll_1644978Fannie Mae (FNMA), the mortgage-financier seized by U.S. regulators in 2008, will pay the Treasury Department $59.4 billion after reporting a record quarterly profit driven by rising home prices and declining delinquencies. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Here’ s Aristomenes Christos Papageorgopoulos – 10 May 2013

Uploaded on 9 May 2013 By Ron Van Dyke This is the first video I hope to make with Aristo. He is my friend from Greece who has been commenting in Facebook on my videos for over a year and a half; and he even compiled a book early this year that he entitled: “From Illegality to Divine Legacy, A Glimpse into the Journey of Ron Van Dyke, A Facebook Chronicle of Ron’s videos and the Commentaries of a Friend.” He will do most of the talking in today’s video that we recorded yesterday following that video, which he watched just before we made the recording. Here’s Aristomenes Christos Papageorgopoulos.

I M Power – Foreclosure Flyer : Real Conversation With Royal Bank Of Canada – 10 May 2013

whole-I-logo Foreclosure Flyer: Real Conversation with Royal Bank of Canada

Wed, 8 May 2013 15:31:51 -0700

Subject: FF script for Lisa… for real!!!

Hi D,

I would like to relate an actual conversation with an assistant manager of the local Royal Bank here and if you could pass it on to Lisa that would be fine as she was asking for scripts for just such events.

Though this is a small town the umbilical chord stretches to the top. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – Kauiapele Does One Stop Shopping – 10 May 2013

a99b2-removing-the-shacklesKP did an awesome job compiling all this information and links into one article.   One Stop Shopping!!!

Thanx KP- you rock!


Collective Imagination Show 5-7-13… MP3s and Notes from Ginger Continue reading