Ron Van Dyke – People Really Want Change We Can Verify – 11 May 2013

Uploaded on 11 May 2013 by Ron Van Dyke The past couple days for me have been opportunities to observe a part of me that is very aware of human limitations being imposed, apparently by “outside” forces. It is intense shadow work as I “feel” the anguish of knowing that real freedom exists, yet seeing that part of me trapped in the matrix of human experience. Facebook’s 5,000 friend limit is a very superficial illustration of this. The legal ramifications of living in an insane world where the “authorities” have no respect for human freedom to be, do and follow our heart seems very frightening indeed. Feeling insecure is overwhelming to that part of me and to that part of the human collective consciousness. This is the experienced tension between the old and new paradigm. Humanity can no longer feel content in its own ignorance; and individually, we are being offered the awareness of observing the terror of the situation. Many try to deny or escape these feelings. I don’t like them myself; but I know I have to face the monster within me that feels extremely frightened. Am I willing to love that part of me?

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