Fran Zepeda – Yeshua: See Yourselves As I See You: Magnificient Beings of the Divine – 12 May 2013


Hello dear ones, Light of my Light, Love of my Love. I come before you today in humble reverence for your unyielding perseverance in this very important mission that you have consented to take on for the service of all. To watch you all has been enlightening to us all in the Celestial Realm. To see you spread your wings of divinity is music to our ears, salve to our souls. In heartfelt allegiance, we continue our journey forward together.

The road has been long, but look around you and you will see much progress within and without. You have reached a new phase in your development and in carrying out your service to humanity – the service you have long held very deep in your hearts.

You have opened up new vistas and avenues of existence, especially of late, when a huge shift happened in many of you. You are beginning to see your purpose and mission and choosing your path. You are realizing by now that in doing so, you must leave much behind. But consider all that you leave as just training wheels that you have joyfully taken off in order to fly more steadily into your true vision of life.

Suffice it to say that you have graduated into a much more intrinsic version of yourselves and your life. For you are ready now, oh so ready, to soar into the unknown without a glance back. For you know now that you are destined for greatness, along with all your fellow beings upon this new shining earth becoming more apparently so every day.

My dear beloveds, my dear sisters and brothers, comrades in faith and love and peace, comrades in showing the world what it can be with just a proverbial flick of the wrist and new perspective. That new perspective is becoming ingrained in you now; it is becoming familiar to you and it empowers you to create more robustly from it as you move forward implementing your dreams and making connections of empowerment with others.

What you have created so far can be likened to a newborn just being washed of its fluids from the womb and taking its first beautiful breath, or a seedling, shedding its seed as it pushes up through the earth and into the air and towards the sun. You can glimpse it and it is real but it still takes nurturing and care to sustain the life it has begun.

You are magnificent in your purpose, and in your substance. You can feel your power building, can you not? Take a moment to assess now, dear ones. Feel your light bodies. Know they are expanded. Feel the love building within you. Know it has expanded. Take heart in the knowing that you have achieved much and from now on, it will become even more rapidly building.

I love you with all my heart. I am feeling your pain and your uncertainties, your doubt and your fears. I guide you when asked, so you can release them and know your true power, to know your true essence, where there is no room for doubt and fear as long as you continue to engorge yourself with more and more light, and trust that you are proceeding exactly as you need to be.

Yes, there are still bumps along the road, but notice that you deter yourself from going down the road of negativity much more readily and with more ease. My admiration for you abounds with this new skill of yours, built on inherent knowledge of your divinity which is being remembered more and more as you trek along your journey. Please see yourselves as I see you: Magnificent Beings of the Divine.

You may notice a buzz and a vibration around you that you have not noticed before, along with frequent flickers of light. It is an indication of your progress within your light body and within your dedication to expanding your heart. No amount of interference can hope to obliterate it. Know this. Keep on growing within this new perspective and presence.

No one can take your power away anymore as long as you are steadfast in your determination to keep listening within and looking within and feeling your power and remembering your True Selves. Please know this and hold it close to your hearts; it is your passkey to even more revelations and development of your True Selves, of your return to Oneness.

You remain in my heart and in my sight always. I am by your side as you continue on this magnificent journey.

Your loving brother, Yeshua.

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  1. I am smiling…..I am In the LOVE with you