Dutchsinse – Youtube Disinformation 5/11/2013 – Why No One Takes YT Seriously – The Suspicous0bservers Deceit – 13 May 2013

Dutchsins(Lucas: I love the research of Dutchsinse and also others, it is  not good to  have SuspiciousObservers being called a deceiver. I think even Dutchsinse has his facts not always straight.  Questions of truth would be best dealt with in a normal neutral way. If the info is wrong show the right info and leave it at that. I both appreciate  SO’s and Dutchsinse’s research and search for truth. . If you go with the comment that is made about you tube by doing of SO having no credibility your again fooling yourself and get things exaggerated . Information and data and how you go about them is up to you to discern. Also remember the censoring of YouTube by private corporations and governments also. Keep things in neutral and in perspective I say.)

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