Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 13 May 2013

pleiadiansGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council still dedicated full time to the Earth Council.

First we want to thank you for your patience with the process in which you now find yourselves. We know that you feel the preciousness of the subtleties and not so subtleties with which you are currently living on the Earth.

We have never seen anything quite like this is with all of the work we have done with other ascending planets. Please understand that we are doing everything possible to protect you and the Earth for there are some who would like to see the divine plan for the Earth’s ascension crumble.

The process is complex but safety and the wellbeing of the Earth and life on the Earth are the first priority. We focus our attention and resources to maintaining the balance and stability that are requisite for the successful completion of the process at hand. You have all of the assistance that is needed for your ascension along with the Earth’s. We guarantee you this fact.

A lot has been imposed on our ground crew. You are working diligently even though you may not be fully aware of your positions. They will become clear as things progress. What is necessary now is that you stay in touch with yourselves be grounded to the Earth, follow your inner guidance and be in faith. Take good care of yourselves and follow the energy of the day.

Outer circumstances will continue to be disconcerting at times for the old illusions must be cleared to make room for the higher way of living. It is a bit of a step upwards and must be made one step at a time. You are climbing the stairway to heaven.

We continue to work with a variety of complicated situations with ever changing variables. Please be assured that we have all of the resources necessary for complete success. What you accomplish along with us is remarkable. You are a group of gifted and amazing beings.

Even though at times you may feel the foundation falling out from under you if you grab onto the Light Rail as the guidepost of your ascension you will come back into stability. This is the surest way to make progress.

The Light Rail is the Stairway to Heaven. In meditation you might view it as a crystal stair case that rises higher and higher. Each step furthers the Light and your higher vibration and consciousness.

We are with you every step of the way.

With love and respect, I am Mira. / link to original article


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