Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – The Answers Will Come – 13 May 2013

ValerieDonnerNewDear Ground Crew,

Do any of you feel like you are in the twilight zone? By this I mean do you feel a bit of a void, as if you are in a state of uncertainty about your next steps in your life? Some of these feelings are attributable to the astrological influences currently affecting us from the eclipses, etc.  All of these are a part of assisting us with our ascension process, whether we like it or not.

As the third dimension continues to implode upon itself we feel the impact of uncertainty. Somehow we are co-creating our higher dimensional lives on the Earth so the unfamiliar is the norm. Some of us are also feeling the energies we felt when we lived in Atlantis before it fell. That can create some uncomfortable feelings.

We are also feeling the fear from the dark forces as they continue to try to maintain their stronghold. Many are expecting things to be the way they have always been and they are not. We also get to deal with our inner issues which many of us thought we resolved from previous work. We get to keep clearing until we are finished and have mastered these key lessons.

Little by little we are realizing what we may have believed was untrue. We ask ourselves why did we ever let these old thoughts and feelings influence our lives. Can you relate?

We are re-defining ourselves. We cannot identify with who we were in the past, how much money or material possessions we have, our roles, bodies or the physical world. It is through our hearts, love and energy that we will be our true selves. We are learning we can no longer live in separation and that our survival depends upon our unity, co-operation, love and caring of ourselves and each other.

Even those who are more entrenched in 3D are in the same dilemma of redefining themselves. Although their lives pertain more to the material world, their lives have changed. Many are perplexed about what to do because the business environment or other aspects of their lives are in a state of flux. It can be perplexing to those who thought they would always know how to play the game.

For Lightworkers it can seem as if we are waiting for our new assignments of serving the planet and our Creator. How can we use more of our gifts and abilities to assist the ascension process? The energies are building steadily for us to do just that. The state of limbo you may be feeling will take a while longer until we realize what we are to do. This morning in meditation I was told “The answers will come.”


The Answers Will Come

Poem by Valerie Donner
“The answers will come,”

Is what they said.

I heard it clearly

 In my head.


Follow your heart.

Do what you do.

You have your part

In the planetary glue.


Name the game.

Call it what you like.

Tell the old you

To take a hike.


Expect divine clarity,

Strength and zeal.

This is a part

Of the ascension deal.


Ideas will come.

You will create

A life of bliss.

This is your fate.


Receive the answers
You will find them soon.

They will accelerate

And your destiny will bloom.


You will find

In a bolt of Light

That your life will become

Very bright.

© 2013 The Ground Crew / link to origianl article


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