Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council: Telepathic Conversations Have Always Preceded Contact – 13 May 2013

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We spend a vast amount of your “time” to borrow that term from our channel’s mind, working aboard our ships for your planet and for a plethora of other planets and realms actively involved in the ascension of the Universe.

We work from our ships quite often, and in our leisurely time we can travel to infinite other realms and landscapes if we wish – by stargate travel; by travel which is bred from the sheer intent to travel somewhere which takes us there instantly; or via the holographic rooms we have aboard our ships.

We have what you best would know as projectors of a higher dimensional, conscious nature in most of the rooms of our ships. These projectors project an entirely real yet holographic reality, which is fifth dimensional (or purer) and which we can enjoy and exist in just as much as we can any other location.

This is because the holographic projectors aboard our ships are using the very energies used to Create and sustain your reality and indeed, our reality, to Create and sustain specific environments we would work with the projectors to manifest for ourselves.

You will discover and understand so many things about the free energy Creating your realities, and learning how to utilize our technologies will be a strong facet of learning how to work with energy to manifest anything you desire.

Fruitful Technologies and Revelations

The technologies you will be given from we Galactic beings will be just as fruitful as the revelations that are to be uncovered on the surface of your Earth and in fact, many of the revelations you will be given will concern our technology and how it has been back-engineered and turned into the technologies emitting destructive frequencies that are meant to disturb humanity’s brainwaves.

Ultimately, the cabals have attempted to Create a society of unaware individuals who serve them in nearly every sense. In the spiritual sense, the cabals have attempted to get you to serve them by Creating and having you feed very real barriers of negativity and lower dimensionality, which are different from the veils you have instated unto yourselves.

These barriers are different because they have not been Created by you, but they can have as little influence upon you as anything else as long as your energy and focus is not lent to them. We trust that you dear souls will be able to feel and understand the influence those barriers can have upon you in the time ahead and already, so many of you are awakening to the reality of what they attempt to enforce within you and we are brimming with joy to note the awareness being gained in the awakening humanity as to the many ways the cabals have attempted to hold you back.

You do not have to allow yourselves to be held back; though outer circumstances in your Lives will indeed attempt to arise and convince you that your perspectives must be dampened because of them.

Much is happening that is intended to test your resolve and ability to remain within a higher dimensional center in any and every moment, and the awareness being gained at present is seeing the Light very easily able to permeate the minds and hearts of a plethora of awakening souls who see that the time has come to change aspects of their Lives and behavioral patterns that are no longer in resonation with the experiences they wish to have.

The Continual Importance of Remaining Centered

Indeed, ascension will never be and has never been forced onto any dear souls, but your ability to take in and radiate as much and as pure ascension energy as you can rides on your ability to find and remain in your spiritual centers.

Remaining centered and balanced and not allowing any force to usurp your natural energies will see you very well along in attempting to find the energies of the higher realms, and you will find yourselves fruitfully able to connect with we ascended souls and with any other facet of the Light Forces assisting your Earth in Her ordained evolution from the third dimension to the fifth.

Consciousness has come about in various different forms on your world, and humans, animals and plants alike will have the full opportunity to ascend and to absorb the increasingly-pure energies being given to you from the higher realms.

Indeed, plenty of evolving animals on your world are already beginning to feel and radiate the ascension energies being delivered and while other animals and humans will remain stuck within the old paradigm they have been taught to survive in; you are all doing a magnificent thing for those souls by radiating the Light you are finding within, as you are helping them to find their own ascension in their own due time.

Indeed, as has been said some souls, be them humans, animals or anything else, will not choose to be a part of the wondrous evolutionary event that is the collective ascension of your Earth, and will instead choose to ascend another time around on another lower dimensional planet that will perhaps be a bit easier for them to experience.

The souls who have been the most caught up in negativity and lower dimensionality whilst on the surface of your Earth, have experienced a great deal of difficulty in your lower realms and while every one of you have experienced this difficulty, it has affected others much stronger than it has many of you dear souls who have been able to find the Light despite the nature of extreme difficulty you have experienced on the surface of the Earth.

Spreading Your Light despite Difficulty

Everything you’ve experienced has been for the ultimate purpose of helping you to grow as a soul and when it is seen just how unfair the playing field has been in terms of everything the cabals have done to hold humanity back, the amazing feat that will be your ascent into the higher realms will be even more known and understood for the heroic marvel of achievement that it is.

We cannot express the good you have spread enough because truly, the actions of the cabals in holding humanity back have been fruitful and they have worked with a plethora of beings with lower intentions on enforcing and feeding negativity in humanity.

We have mentioned this truth above, and we return to it to (further) congratulate you dear Lightworkers and starseeds for spreading the Light you have been able to spread despite the nature of difficulty you have incarnated unto.

We ask you to treat the dear children around you with Love and respect of the purest order, because they too are on your Earth as a part of a destined mission and are doing everything they can to remain in Lighted positions in the face of their own difficulties accompanying the experiences they are having.

The dear children on your planet have, like you, purposely incarnated unto the difficult situation that is the Earth experience and have done so in the name of spreading their Light, and we ask every one of you to recognize the Light present in the children of mankind and to consciously or subconsciously thank them for it, because while they experience much of what you do and attempt to deal with it in their own manners; they too are performing an exponential feat for the ascension of the Earth.

Some children have purposely incarnated into difficult or abusive situations so that they could lend their Light to such situations, and every child is looked after and Loved along their path. Every one of you are Loved and looked after as well, and we ask for you to make your attempts to feel and radiate our vibrations as you can now begin to recognize when we are attempting to get ahold of you.

You Can Find Our Impressions

Those of you who have awakened to our existence and our wish to assist your planet can truly begin to find our impressions, as we and your guides are anxiously waiting to get ahold of you and to do anything we can to help you feel and radiate our vibrations and those of the realms we exist in.

Some of you are beginning to receive fruitful impressions of the realms we exist in and the aforementioned Star and Motherships we so enjoy performing much of our work from, and when you go out of your way to focus your heart on receiving our impressions, you will be able to receive fruitful images and feelings related to the realms we exist in and the craft we are speaking to you from in this very moment.

Indeed, we are speaking to you dear souls from our sentient craft and as we said (above), we perform a plethora of duties from these craft that are all related to the evolution of your planet.

We are helping to mitigate and cleanse the pollution manifested in your skies, and we ask for those of you still experiencing fruitful chemtrails not to worry; for we are helping to neutralize many of the destructive effects that would otherwise result from the spraying of such things in your skies, and you as well can send your Lighted energies toward them in an effort to cleanse them entirely.

The cabals have done a plethora of things to keep your skies, water and ground unhealthy that much of the awakening humanity still has not yet discovered and as goes without saying, we are here with you to help you cleanse and dissolve any last bit of pollution that has been manifested, which is not a direct result of what humanity has manifested for yourselves via your freewill.

Some of what the cabals have attempted to do has been allowed to succeed because of the awareness surrounding such things that is meant to be raised in humanity, and because your freewill has permitted them to happen in the past.

Exiting Freewill While Still Manifesting Karma

You are collectively beginning to exit your freewill contract as you brace the states of consciousness and perceptual awareness of the fifth dimension and while doing so, many facets of your collective are still continually manifesting density for themselves to experience as individuals and for your entire collective to experience and thus, many of the actions of the cabals in attempting to hold you back have manifested.

You can truly help put an end to the manifesting of tragedies, pollution and a plethora of other things, and every time something heart-wrenching occurs on your world you can recognize it as having happened to lighten some of the collective negativity and density.

There is much of this energy still in need of transmuting, which is why we have said that you can use your natural Lighted energies to perform these transmutations and to do so many other things that you would perhaps not expect yourselves to be able to do.

Humanity has so many abilities held within that you have been led away from understanding, and your ability to telepathically communicate with us and a myriad of other beings from the higher realms is just one thing that has been hidden from you as you have been collectively conditioned to grow up in a constricted reality.

The very idea of telepathy is still seen as a “fringe” subject to many souls on your world who do not understand that telepathy is a very real ability that can be utilized for truly wonderful purposes. Like anything, telepathy too can be distorted and the militaries of the cabals have for so long, attempted to use telepathy in their favor and against their perceived “enemy”.

Distorted vs. Real Telepathic Abilities

As some brave souls have come to the forefront of the collective consciousness to expose, the actions of the cabals in nurturing telepathic abilities in some of their soldiers have included carefully taking away such soldiers’ ability to communicate with beings or energies of a higher consciousness or intelligence, and the fruitful abilities you possess beyond your conscious understanding have been distorted and used only for the gain of souls who would keep humanity back forever if they were allotted.

Indeed, they are not being allotted and you dear souls can see the response of the Light in the form of our communications being issued and in the form of your incarnation on the Earth to help spread the Light you are feeling within, as indications of this.

The cabals have had their day in the sun and while they will only continue to attempt to manifest tragedies and do so many other things that are intended to disguise the presence of the Light upon your Earth, you the awakening humanity are becoming far too aware to continue to fall for the orchestrations they have cast over you, and the awareness being garnered is sparking a true revolution of Love and Light in the minds and hearts of each one of you.

We have been fruitfully delivering our impressions for a plethora of souls in a plethora of time periods of your Earthly history to pick up on and decode, and what we are doing now is not any different from what we have been doing for so very long on your planet.

Telepathic Connections Precede Physical Contact

Indeed, telepathic conversations have nearly always preceded our contact with various civilizations in your Earthly history, and we have used the relationships we garnered with each individual we connected with in such time periods to bring forth a contact that has always been intended to assist your various civilizations in their Earthly evolution.

As we and others have in the past, we ask you to nurture the ongoing connection you are finding to spirit and to us for truly, your abilities to communicate with us and to find the higher realms are only to increase in strength and purity as you embrace the heightened states of consciousness you are finding as they grow within you.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we remind you all that we and the plentiful other facets of the Light Forces assisting in your ascension are not going anywhere. We will always and forever be with you, and the sooner you dear souls can realize that we have been with you throughout every facet of your Earth experience and throughout every Life you have taken upon the surface of the Earth, the sooner you can see that the Light is here to stay on your planet.

We Love you all so very much, and this Love will continue to be expressed as you find yourselves able to expand upon it.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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