Fayre An Na – For The Love of GAIA – One – 15 May 2013

Uploaded on 14 May 2013 by fAYRE An Na

~ from a very young age i played dimensionally, always with a knowing not all is as it appears, but 11 years ago i began a long intense journey with Spirit… i began a journal of adventures through many forms of art, writing, channeling and crafts. The words, “…if the puzzle was blank, would one still find reason to put the pieces together?’…this became my artist statement…and well i am one who would and as a child of the universe i liked to take my pencils, paints, digital art and photos and splash them all over those blank pieces…then one day i looked all around me to see many pieces just laying around…so i began picking them up, placing them together and am now forming an image that fits together like a puzzle…as ONE…and presenting me with a beautiful masterpiece of wondrous creation i have had my part in.

…i have been profoundly blessed with such love for Gaia…to be able to see her on many dimensions throughout this life so far, and really it still feels like the journey is only truly beginning!…all those ways i have felt, spoke with and viewed her are coming to life, like art coming off the painting into a new reality of full expression, life and love.

The mystery of all that is has always kept me in search of the truth…to live beyond the veil and bring back many stories to share. I am so grateful for Gaia and for the unconditional love she holds for us all…an incredible blessings to share such journeys with her.

A huge part of my journey has been my twin flame, our love is so intense we have spoken through time and space with one another since as far back as i can remember, even as blessed to see his spirit often and feel him hold my heart…so much of my journey and art is sharing our return to one another in full being…i long for that day…but doesn’t feel so far away any more. and then truly we may come together for Gaia to do what we came here to do as one. Thank~you for being you, in me…as we ✩ღ
~ishna tu~eka nu~ia adu~ i miss you, but i see you and…i love you!

…and to share this journey with my beautiful children…such a blessing!

…i know this art and these photos are not all new and you may have seen much of them…but still many have not…nor have i ever made a video of it. This is part of my journey in bringing those pieces together and seeing so much clearer now how the whole of the adventure connects with all that is nature and how truly ONE we all are. i hope that i may be able to reach out and touch your hearts with even just some of this love that fills mine. ~Namaste~

art and video by ~Fayre An Na
music by ~Xavier Rudd ‘Spirit Bird’

No intention of Copyright infringement of music used in this video or of any art i have used in journal collages of my journey with channeling.


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