Lucas – Accept The Gift From Source With Love – Are You Chosing Your Change And Chance To Step Into The New -16 May 2013

giftofsourceIt is a lot of observing I have to do from my eye balls in the multiverse sky.  I focus in on earth’s  humanity  and see  unveiling and sometimes even re-veiling of old patterns, dogmas, perceptions, beliefs,  and processes going on. It is not easy for you all to break through those  “powerful spells” you experience.  Often the old cosy bad world is even for some still less scary in their view than stepping into the unknown and unimaginable.  Acknowledge all that is you and whatever it is you are.   See the mindcontrolled you,  the educated in a certain way drone you were and the manipulated “fictional person” you that was kept in the mind by repeating in tantrums all is true according to….  All perceptions are in the now strongly getting a re-shuffle and some perceptions will get a firm slap on the bum.  All is as said before moving from divine chaos to divine order. 

The purging, the letting go and others processes of cleansing, finding balance and forgetting duality are strong experiences lived at the moment of now. All will be finding its place now and of course for some this will be experienced with a bang and for others with a streaming flow of resonance energy, singularities, and or creation manifesting in the now. We will make peace with all polarities that have been always one in source.

If equality and unconditional love is preached there is no place for new boundaries or even thinking of being more or more divine as others or anything like that. I observe still those calling themselves presumptuously superior to others  from both sides of the coin, dark or light. Even the smallest thought of superiority or being better is just bringing in judgement and therefore no neutrality. This way  you ignore the divine of  all and us.  You  create  new duality and  still have not perceived to step out of that perception.

There is only YOU that can change YOU, by experiencing and perceiving things  differently. What is your trigger?  Is it a new insight, a happening, traumatic event or is it the truth you perceived as true being pulled  up-side down and inside out.  You have to really go into perceiving things 100% differently. And if you do you will break through that wall that still was built around your “thought of perception of truths”.  Opening to the One and feeling the connection that all just is and is connected without……  filling the dots on the line will come.

It is wonderful just to be and see from that point were  there is no judgement, no thought, no action that makes things unbalanced. All is just right. It is the space of unity were all is in divine order. Peace, harmony and all that is  is available for us in abundance.  It is for us available and in our reach but you have to pull the curtain that keeps you still in the dark and see the light. But see also that light and dark are inextricably linked.  There were polarities find equilibrium unity starts. All is connected.

Humanity is not only shifting its perceptions and is growing fast into the true light crystalline beings we are but all the last bits of  framework that still could keep some things alive of the experience of duality are crumbling. We see also a re-shuffle in this field as all reflect upon all levels, be it micro and macro.  What we see as still being in 3D or 4D is a perception.  All is in 5D and our building blocks and manifesting energies and choices from 2012 are here already by some plucked like ripe fruits to be used for wonderful new creations. New ideas, new developments and new manifestations it will be seen coming in to existence faster and faster. What we call the old is fading by the day and becomes insignificant to us. It is not worth to put energy into it anymore as the new is bringing forth, with a greater critical mass-energy than ever, change to all.

Our destiny is being the explorers of a new paradigm upon earth and far beyond. We are already greatly loved beings that will teach as ambassadors of the duality experience and shift the worlds going through the same processes. We are now the humans that have reached our galactic multiverse counterparts level to interact, learn and explore. The only thing to say is accept your gift from source with love. Chose your change and your chance to step into the new.

Love and Light,


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