TheOne-DreamDreamer – Where Do Prayers Go – 16 May 2013

prayerLove is a multidimensional Life force, it cannot be destroyed, it cannot be extinguished, it can only be veiled by a polarized mind. Once Love is put into action, asked, sent, pulled into this reality level, it IS and will BE for ever.

Real Prayers, those birthed from the Heart of our Soul and Spirit, LIVE. And BEcome. If we pray for souls that find themselves in danger, challenges or any other experience where we Love to help LOVE goes there and BEcomes available for them to use. But LOVE does not force, IT allows free will. So what happens if those we pray for do not accept our LOVE? Is LOVE dissolved? It is not. It simply knocks at the next door, it goes there where it is accepted as it cannot dissolve. For LOVE IS.

So do not think a prayer is waisted if those we pray for did not improve their situation, it may not be their time right now to do so, there may be some other paths for them we cannot see right now. They’re not alone as it is not possible, and each door closed opens new ones. For us, for them, for all. And LOVE is behind every Door we choose to open, even more so behind the tough ones.

LOVE is the highest intelligent force that IS, no mistakes can be made in LOVE. Do not impose your prayer to have the outcome you believe is best as we do not know what IS Best for the outcome for All.

Loosing a leg can be a deep trauma -and no one if asked would ever say “yes, I’d like to loose a leg!!”- but it might be the only way one is able to discover and remember it’s Inner strength and power when nothing else is working and he or she decides and agrees to have that experience… So even what might appear horrible to our eyes -such as wars- are not separated from our collective consciousness of BEing One with it. We are not separated from that war more than we’re separated from that leg. So if some are still believing wars have an outcome… it simply means they cannot yet See what the outcome of LOVE IS. But they will. Not because it will be imposed by a separated god sending them punishments but because the God In them will suddenly look around and Feel something is changing… something that was not here IS Here right Now. It will start remembering… a bit. It will start doubting… and nothing like LOVE can fill the gaps of doubts!! And it Is starting thanks to You!

It will not all happen today… but today has already started doubting. And in that doubt is where prayers, your prayers and my prayers and all prayers can knock at the Door and say: “You, yes You, You are Loved” And more and more doubt will enter that being and more and more of his God will start pushing from the Core of itSelf.

Prayers go where they can BE. As LOVE IS. All Ways. And every thought we have is a way of praying. They co-create Reality. If you live in fear and think of fear then fear will survive. If you live in fear and think of LOVE then fear will dissolve. There’s no in-between… It does not matter for what or whom you send LOVE. You did, you co-created  the very essence of all that IS and thus it LIVES. In you, From You, By You, Though You… it IS YOU.

Love, You. link to original article


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