Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – Using the Laws of Resonance As An Energy Alchemist: The Choice, The Practice – 17 May 2013

Uploaded on 14 May 2013 by fromthecelestialteam

“I thought we shifted! Why am I feeling so BAD?” This is the cry the celestial team has heard from our human collective. In this video, they respond, and leave no stone unturned in the doing.They explain how the Laws of Resonance are at play, how to USE them to SHIFT OURSELVES into becoming a vibrational match for the NEW, lighter energies we are in, and that shifting means saying YES to our OWN shift into sovereign authority as the energetic beings we are. The video also introduces “The Power Toolkit,” a series of coaching videos and webinars about how to begin operating as an energetic being. The Power Toolkit will be offered through Judith on their website soon. To receive it and all further messages, press the “Follow the Love/Light” button in the right side bar.
Note from Judith–The celestial team transmits a great deal of invaluable, high frequency information in this video, but their way of communicating is not linear. It is threaded together multi-dimensionally, and is, in that way, “all of a piece.” If you try to follow it through your ego-brain programming (which IS linear), it will go on overload, and you’ll become dazed, confused, or sleepy. To RECEIVE all of the transmission, you really need to watch it a few times, taking it in through your heart center–which IS multi-dimensional–and don’t “try to put it altogether.” Your heart will do that FOR you as it processes the frequencies over the next few days, and then, all of a sudden –you’ll GET it–the whole gestalt,, as one flash of awareness.

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