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Does it seem like we have been on this journey to change forever now? Yawn. I was looking at how long I have been posting now and it’s been three months shy of two years! I started this site to capture our journey up to 12-21-12 and now that has come and gone and we are still plugging along, still believing, still waiting, still hoping. I had the idea that magical date would change everything and we would all be in anew dimensional space by now. In some ways I guess that is true. Nothing ever stays the same and we are certainly in a different space now than we were then! We are so deeply involved in this transition it is hard to see our progress. If we were standing outside looking in I think we would be amazed at where we are today.

Just in the past week we have undergone four major solar flares and if you think they aren’t bringing change to us, think again. We are watching the White House finally under attack for what happened in Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the attack on journalists privacy. It is all coming undone like a ball of yawn the cat has batted under the chair into another room. Change is unraveling quickly and like a body in a xray image, we are starting to behold the innards of this pathetic, misguided Government. Every day it seems a new diseased part of it is disclosed for us to consider and examine like a wound, all the while the sad and empty lies continue to try to hide what it going on. There is nowhere to hide, no way to undo what has taken place, it is all being revealed to the world and the damage to our trust in the system is beyond fixing. This paradigm is over and it is time for the dark to pack up and leave. We are taking over now and we will guide this world safely back to sanity and peace.

This journey has not been an easy one, it has required great strength and stamina to keep forging onward through the muck and mire despite our deep fatigue and the huge demand upon our belief system! We were asked to trust and believe and that is what we are doing. We cannot see or touch what we are asked to believe in, but we do it anyway. We do it because we KNOW within that this is what we must do. We are following an invisible road map, our gut is our GPS, we know we will get there, we just don’t know when. Still, we go on, helping to keep one another afloat when the going gets rough, fighting our way through the cobwebs of lies and deceit, following that beacon of light that shines forth the truth.

So many are sensing the end of this journey is near, they can feel that something is soon to happen and it most probably will not be good, but we do not give up. We know this is the time we will be needed to guide the way out of chaos and into the protection of the light. It will require us to stand firm and not waver ourselves, as things continue to fall apart. All MUST fall apart into rubble so we can rebuild anew upon a strong foundation. Nothing about our present system is strong or stable as it is built upon lies, division and oppression, not truth for the good of all. That is what we are all about, goodness and compassion for all and embraced by continual truth. So do not feel fear as the present structure crumbles, but rather rejoice, for the faster it crumbles the sooner we can rebuild. Be proud of what you have accomplished and feel pride for the tribe you are a part of world-wide. Soon we will be able to unpack our suitcases and relax.

Blessings to us all,

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