CLN – Breaking Free Of The Fear Stopping Your ‘Abundance’ Mindset – 18 May 2013

conscious(Picture: The only thing to fear is fear itself)

There is no getting away from it, all highly successful business owners and leaders became that way though having an abundance mindset.
We get conditioned to believe that life is about being put into pigeon holes for careers and lifestyle and this is all that is available to us. How wrong can they be! And great pioneers knew this, look at the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and more recently Richard Branson.
Each of these had great vision, an unstoppable creative energy which would not be contained within the confines of limitation. What kept them going over the months and years of failures and often ridicule? It was their unwavering belief in abundance mentality. Their absolute certainty what they were creating was coming into being.

How do you translate this in your experiences?
Your vision is just as powerful as these pioneers, don’t ever doubt that! It is your creative energy that has brought you to leave the pigeon holes and express yourself through starting your business. Yet many will falter as the day’s move into weeks and months where income is nonexistent or low, pressure from family, friends or what you perceive externally can begin to cause doubt and uncertainty. This is why you must cultivate your ‘abundance’ mindset.

Creating your abundance mindset all comes from belief, or rather changing what you believe to be your perception of truth. When you hold low self-worth or a lack of confidence this does not just affect you internally, it creates the experiences coming into your life.
It has been scientifically proven by such scientists as Dr Bruce Lipton that our cells take their signal from our beliefs, not from our environment. This signal is transmitted through the physical body via the nervous system (your electrical system) and then determines the frequency at which your body resonates.
You see:

  • A healthy body resonates at 78Hz to 83Hz
  • Colds, flu and illness begin at 57Hz to 60Hz
  • Cancer is 42Hz

So the lower the body frequency the more the immune system becomes compromised. As we live in an energetic Universe, energy does not hear words –  energy feels vibrational frequency and will attract back the same frequency you resonate out. So low self-worth and a lack of confidence puts you in low frequency which not only affects the health of your body, it brings experiences that will always maintain feeling of low self worth.

This is so often observed in people who have gone down the corporate business route, when their natural energy is to be creative. When the creative energy cannot be expressed, doubt creeps in as maintaining engagement or enthusiasm becomes an uphill struggle. I have personal experience of this having held a 10 year career in corporate finance, to support my 4 children I was bringing up on my own. Although I made a very successful career, it was my passion for people that saw me through not the ‘work’ and I became frustrated and disillusioned (wonder if this resonates with you?) I could not see a way out as conditioning had taught me I had to have a career with formal qualifications and my own self worth would let me down, believing I wasn’t capable of training into other careers.

It wasn’t until I was laid up in severe pain and had to have a major operation that I finally ‘got’ it. I admitted to myself I actually hated corporate life, I felt like a caged animal and one way or another I had to make the change. I went on to qualify as a business and personal coach, which started my awareness of entrepreneurship, yet this still did not satisfy me. It was then I understood, for the first time in my life my creative energy was finally been unleashed!

Success is when you maintain high frequency and this can only happen when you are living your passion, it is then your beliefs come into alignment and create the frequency of abundance. Once I became clear where my passion lay, in helping others all over the world become powerful creators in their own right, I became unstoppable! Ideas and creative energy I never realised I had came pouring out; I was finally living and breathing what I loved to do.

Success tips:

  • True abundance comes from defining who you are. Allow yourself time to get to know the real you, your desires and passions, not what other people think you should do or what you do to keep the status quo.
  • It starts with focusing on your desires, letting go of that conditioning that tells you 9 to 5 working will just get you by. If your desires do not fit into the corporate pigeon hole, then get out now!
  • Persistence and a definiteness of purpose. Stepping away from conditioning can be challenging at first, it calls for bringing out the warrior within you. When you have absolute focus on your desires, persistently work towards bringing them into your experience and are absolutely definite in your desire to succeed, then you move into the abundance mindset.
  • Absolute belief in YOU. The foundation of abundance comes in honouring your self-worth as energetically this is closely linked to whether you allow yourself to receive wealth into your life. Once your belief is rock solid in your success, you will be resonating abundance.

Highly successful people started with nothing and created their abundance through an unwavering belief to live their passion. You have the same ability within you, you just need to tap into that creative energy and let it loose! / link to original article

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