Fran Zepeda – Mother Mary: Let Yourself Soar Into the Stillness That Is Your Core – 19 May 2013


Mother Mary:

Dear Souls, Love everlasting that you are. I come to you today to bring my love and my support for you in your journey towards greater enlightenment and towards your divine purpose and your Divine Selves.

Up until now you have had just an inkling of your power as well as your breadth of power in your divine nature. Be prepared to experience it more in the coming days. It is important to surrender and allow it to come forth in greater degrees. For yours is not to “try” but to allow and absorb and BE within the expanding matrix of ascension into the higher dimensions.

My beloveds, breathe Love and Light in deeper and with more determination now. Feel the expansion 24/7. Get comfortable with it. You are so much more than you have been experiencing of late. And the process will be speeding up.

Feel my love for you. It is delicate and strong, silky and sweet; it is powerful, yet oh so subtle at times. This is the quality of Love you can experience, that you do experience. Embrace it, dear ones.

In your Now Moments you partake of expansion on an even greater scale now. What you experience cannot always be defined. It is more apparent when you do not try to quantify it, when you do not try to be too conscious of it. Your greater consciousness is in the spaces between your breath, between your awareness, in the letting go of all expectations and observations.

Your Light Bodies have reached an all-time high in illumination and expression. Take time to integrate and accept your ever-fluctuating changes. Your greatest power is in allowing and surrendering to the ebb and flow of your expansion.

The quality of Love you are experiencing now is even more pure than yesterday, even more illuminated than yesterday – even more substantial, yet seemingly illusive at times. It surrounds you now with the blessings you are accumulating as you completely let go of all judgment and separateness, as you float within the milieu of fresh determination to experience the quality of love that you once swam in regularly. You are welcoming that back into your life, and with that everything is changing.

With that as your main focus of existence, everything is colored in a different way. There is no room for worry or doubt as you completely give yourself up to your essence of Love. You begin to experience the totality of it, the sustainment of it, and nothing is able to shake the joy and bliss coming from it, no matter what. Yes, you can live in that always. Welcome to the 5th dimension and higher, beloveds, when you realize this.

I am your model for this Love. Experience the grace and mercy of it. Allow forgiveness to pervade your every waking moment, for yourselves and others. Live in that ever-blossoming state of pure unadulterated bliss and joy that comes from knowing you are always protected and embraced by Creator and you are progressing in your evolvement just as you are meant to. Relax into the peace of that.

Be at one with your purpose to experience your life now in a whole different light, absent of strife and division. Calculate no more; judge no more. Let yourself soar into the stillness that is your core. Yes, your Divine Core, not unlike Creator who is within all of you.

As you experience no more separation, watch how your world changes, dear ones. It can be as simple as that, and as profound as that. Take it in stride as your new sense of Being. For a glimpse of Oneness is becoming more palpable as you surrender to the knowing in your Soul of your true nature. Be at peace with that, dear ones. Live it Now.

I am forever your anchor into the higher dimensions as you allow Love and Light to penetrate you more and more in the coming days. For you have all the qualities of Love and Being that I possess. Relax into that knowing now, dear ones.

Your loving Mother Mary, Mirror of the Love that you are.


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