Lisa Gawlas – Biological Creation To Light Evolution In Progress – 20 May 2013

light-paint-evolutionFinally!!!  I arrived in N.E. Pennsylvania on Saturday.  I have never been more thankful to finally be out of the 6 day trek across the country.  In all 6 days, I have only had one night with an internet connection and most of that time without any cell service at all.  It is strange to be so connected and disconnected all at the same time.  But alas, I am at my Dad’s and now to allow my body to deflate.  The last time I remember being this incredibly swollen I was pregnant!!

But, enough about that.  There are some things that came to my realization the very next day after my last sharing.

When I hit the road again that morning, I put my Gregg Braden audio book “Deep Truth” back on, rewound it a bit and started listening.  I had to laugh when I rewound it to the exact chapter he was talking about the controversy as to when life itself starts (in pregnancy.)  But this time, I suppose I was paying attention to the questions he, and many others, were asking.  How did life start in the first place.  I don’t think I ever really contemplated that question before, not to the degree I was doing as he was asking/posing various questions thru this book.

I had already known we/spirit created many prototypes (bodies/brains) to get to this incredible biological system we currently call the human, but Gregg was asking a question even deeper than that.  How did life start, more pointedly, how did this version of the human body become.  The more advanced science becomes, the more we are realizing it really couldn’t have been simply evolution… if not that, then how/what?

In my own deep pondering, I started to watch life form on this planet.  Namely, human life.  I watched as what we call a soul was here on earth, in its form as energy, and started calling to it/attracting to it, all the elements that was needed to form this human biological system.  I so wish there would have been a way to video tape it so I could show you.  The energy of the soon to be incarnate human, but still a mass of soul energy, started spinning, bringing into it more and more elements of the earth, instructing the elements how to merge together, to produce the various proteins and chemicals that make up our human system.

As I was watching the “how” I was also understanding that on the other side of the veil, we are the scientists and experimenters of the earth.  We have been here since earth’s inception, making sure the right elements, the right quotients of life sustaining energy was placed in perfect quantities.

When we (spirit) would bring one aspect of our biological creation to its fullness, we would wipe the slate clean again (weather/earth changes) and start again, always increasing the “difficulty” of the game!

And then I was shown, NOW.  All elements, all storms and changing earth patterns are for a purpose.  Our purpose.  The advancement of Light within and around us.  The full use of that Light, in Life, all the time.

Like the souls that came to create the biological forms we are now in, we are also the souls that will seed and expand the rapidly growing consciousness on earth.  We have planned and prepared for this very moment in our story and like a well rehearsed Broadway play, we are now in the live show!!

So here we are, only 5 days out from the final eclipse of this massive eclipse sandwich that started on April 25th and I have to wonder, with child-like curiosity, what is next.  I have to wonder, why I was so quickly moved from my place called Heaven into the depths of duality, right in the middle of this eclipse sandwich.  In my home on the Mesa, duality is a silent hum, like a background noise you forget exists until you purposely turn your attention to it.  Here at my Dad’s, it (duality) is unavoidably noticeable, present.

I sat on my Dad’s front porch yesterday morning, typed out the above first two paragraphs and quit.  My mind is so tired from my long 6 day road trip.  My body, tired and swollen.  My heart, adjusting to the witnessing of watching my father struggle to breath every moment of the day.

It is taking me longer to find my center than I expected.  I witnessed my own energy field plugging itself into the green landscape around me here, so I know it is just a matter of time and patience.  Today is better, my fingers are no longer resembling sausages, thank goodness!!  But I am still tired, which I know is my own souls way of tampering me down so I allow the new integration of my life force to expand and become it’s next evolutionary field too.

I am taking an extra two days off, I really don’t have much choice (energetically speaking.)   This Wednesday my father has a doctors appointment with his lung specialist that I want to be at.  Of course, he doesn’t even want to go.  This morning he is going in for an emergency visit to relieve the struggle of his lungs he is enduring this morning (all weekend) and I am the driver!!

So on that note, I want to thank you for your patience with my deep transition here.  When we get back from the Doc’s, I will be calling the online calendar people (who do not work weekends!!) to get my calender adjusted to EDT.  I have so many emails in my inbox from this week long journey without internet or cell phone coverage that I do not even know where to being…

I love you all so very very much!!  Thank you for holding my hand, my heart, my light within yours!!

((((HUGZ)))) of deep inner transitions to ALL!!

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