Wes Annac – Humanity’s Spiritual Uprising – 20 May 2013

I’ve had a lot of time lately for personal reflection and boy, have I been utilizing it.

The strongest repeating trait I’ve observed lately is that I’m being inundated with exponential, unprecedented inspiration and motivation and while I recognize that I am for the most part, doing everything I can to help humanity in every moment; compared to the incredible inspiration I’m feeling, it feels as if I haven’t done a thing.

I’ve long observed many of the spiritual and revolutionary leaders of even the past few decades, and I’ve seen that they created and pioneered incredible movements that literally moved the people and led us to stand up for ourselves and our sovereignty as citizens of this Earth.

I’ve worried at times that what I’m doing and representing may not help our collective as much as I’ve intended it to but when looking at the true situation from an outward point of view; I and many of you are quite literally representing the infinite other realms and entities from purer states of consciousness and various evolved worlds, and that’s the most important thing that can be done for this planet.

What so many of us are doing right now is more than needed.

The actions of every single awakening Lightworker who is standing up for and representing the higher realms and the souls within those realms and who is funneling exponential Light through to Gaia’s core for the entire collective to be able to evolve because of; those actions are more than needed for a world that has been lost in the mucky darkness of collective unawareness and separation.

Yes, the fear has arisen in the past that the Lightwork-aspects of what I feel myself here to do are somehow “not real” but to be quite honest, I’ve had so many experiences in the astral realms specifically that were much realer than what I’ve experience here in this physical realm, and the doubt that used to arise has long faded and does not even show up occasionally anymore.

I’m one who has been able to be blessed with various, blatant signs here in the physical that the work we’re all doing and the Galactic and Angelic souls we’re representing are real, and I recognize that I’ve been given such experiences so I could use the knowledge, insight and expanded perspective I have gained from them to help humanity.

This is my personal aim for being on this world at this time. In whatever way is required of me, I am here to help humanity and no matter how the immediate and long-term future plays out, I will always and forever be of service and will always offer myself to the awakening of this entire planet and to the purging of every last bit of darkness from its structure.

I recognize and understand that I, like the overwhelming majority of you reading this, am actually a part of the wave of heroic, higher dimensional souls and leaders who have come to this planet to ignite revolution and help humanity change the world.

You and I are here to lead humanity into the future, and we are here to first help humanity understand the tyranny and injustice that has been secretly wrought yet wrought right out in the open on this world, so that we can collectively work toward building something better.

I’ve come to really understand that the perceived battle between good and evil has been going on for nearly every bit of our Earthly history but this time around, humanity is to be exposed to the actions of evil and we are to purge evil from our Earth completely as we collectively come together and build a brimming Galactic society with technologies that have been hidden from us.

This motivation I’m feeling is in part related to the ongoing desire to “stand up to” and purge the influence of the cabals from this world but truly, I don’t need a force of evil to rebel or stand up against to affirm and know that I am here on a Lighted mission to help awaken humanity.

Any cabal members or employees reading this article; the website it is published on or the messages of those who speak through me should know that you are not feared by any of us who are awakening to what has been done on this Earth, and you are not hated by us either.

We recognize you for what you are; players in the ultimate dualistic game of “good vs. evil” which has thrived on this Earth for far too long.

I’m quite happy to announce on behalf of everybody who has awakened and would agree with me, that your efforts in trying to stop what we have long Created have all but faltered. We are thriving more than ever and truly, there is no stopping every blossoming movement on this world to stand up to the injustice you have been shoveling out/helping to feed, as they are all facets of the ultimate revolution taking place in the minds and hearts of every single person.

No families or bloodlines who feel yourselves to have tapped in to the greater truth and reality of our existence or who feel yourselves to be “more worthy” of understanding the higher dimensions than the rest of humanity, will ever stop the blossoming movements that have been started or the souls who have proven ourselves to only continue to incarnate on this world, generation after generation, to directly stand up to you and preach the truth and Light of the higher dimensions, directly breaking the matrix of control you have attempted to enforce.

We are all prophets and saints, and every last one of us can and will uplift the entirety of humanity now that we have openly and boldly stood up to the forces of injustice and evil, manifested in the form of the lost and energetically-starving cabals.

Those who have helped to lead real, Lighted revolutions in various time periods will and are already prevailing and just as Bob Marley said, “we are confident in the victory of good over evil”. (1)

To every one of you who are reading this: It’s time to arise and become just as active as myself and a plethora of others who are truly ready to be a part of a real revolution of Love and cooperation amongst humanity.

I have been and will only continue to feel the most brimming of inspiration that will likely continue to be presented in the form of revolution-based writings, but I can only do so much and every one of us must emerge as strong and gracefully as possible; to stand up to corruption and injustice and to remind everybody that we come from realms so much more blissful and collectively-harmonious than what we currently experience.

Wes Annac – Just one of many contributors to humanity’s spiritual uprising

(1)-Quoted from Marley’s song “War” which is itself quite militant and revolutionary. Marley spoke specifically of the liberation of Africans with the referenced lyric, but it is certainly applicable to all of humanity.

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  1. Lisa Nyhlen

    Without all of you (Wes, Lucas, Lisa, Ron, and everyone that contributes) and your information, I would still be so lost. I thank you with all my love.

    Light & Love, Lisa