AdaptingToGrace – I Choose Love – 21 May 2013

ChooseLoveWhether it is a decision about which food to eat, what to wear, which invitation to accept, or which creative project to focus on first, I choose Love.

Since the late 1980′s I have been straddling the “world as we know it” and the Universal Heart Consciousness in my approach to everyday life. As a creative, I have felt for the most part, alone with my connection to wisdom through heart and vibration – until this year. Many of us fully woke up this year, through The One People movement and others, to the realization that there are in fact many of us living on Earth in this way – being and understanding through feeling and knowing. I had help with this way of being. Call it Kundalini. Call it extraterrestrial intelligence. It seemed to have an agenda to wake me up and commune-icate with me in ways that I had not read of or heard of before in my life.

In the late 90′s, after my last three years of energetic healing courses, I stopped going to schools, workshops, reading books, and generally seeking anything outside of myself to inform me about who I am and what I am connected to. I go direct. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a need for community, for creating heart resonance in groups, and for basic validation that others feel the LOVE I feel… and KNOW what they are connected to beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I haven’t had a regular job since then. I have no bank account to speak of, and no monetary-based assets. In the past, I have moved in and out of the system, as needed, due to the fact that I lived in a collective that held very rigid beliefs about what we were all “supposed” to do to “survive” on this planet. Today I celebrate the fact that this collective belief has evolved and changed for the better. Today, I not only feel my own potential and possibilities for wholeness and fulfillment on Earth, but I feel it in the collective as well. Trust me, this is new. And it deserves a wholehearted celebration and an enthusiastic “patting on the backs” for what we as the collective have achieved.

I trust this frequency of LOVE with ALL my heart, and I live it and demonstrate it everyday. I do nothing in the way of compromise now – with the ways of the world that we once knew and accepted. Upon awakening each morning, I respond to feeling and inspiration for what I will do, what I will create. The amazing synchronicities that have occurred to support my inspirations would be downright unbelievable to most. To me, they are natural. I am natural… again. Suffice it to say that I have never eaten better; I’ve never felt healthier; and my community of like-vibrational beings is expanding exponentially.

One of my inspirations of late is to create a Santa-Fe based reality show (YouTube) on people who are successfully demonstrating this natural state now – an honest exploration of what it feels like to first acknowledge, and then step out of our “addictions” and coping mechanisms developed from buying into the past world-of-insanity in some form or another. I say addiction, not so much in the sense of substance abuse (although a very real coping mechanism), but rather in the sense of an addiction and recovery process from something that was not based in truth or reality, but what the group mindset convinced us was real. Let’s face it, we are all in recovery on some level.

Ah, and at the same time, I am so excited and I have so many inspirations, that my choices overwhelm me. Who would’ve thought all those years ago that this would be my “problem”? I continue to work on the indigenous and ancestral healing documentaries, and this is what inspired the idea – being in a room full of recovering heroin addicts made me realize that we are all the same. We have all been addicted to something outside of ourselves promising to fix us, or quell the pain of separation. Remembering (feeling/knowing) our true identity heals this huge misunderstanding, and we are off to explore LIFE as it was meant to be.

I’ll share more as it unfolds. For now, I love my life, and I’m glad I stuck around to experience this with you. Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey to full-heart awareness. Choose LOVE! It’s just too much f*cking FUN. / link to original article


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