Initiation Order Of The One People Of The Earth – 21 May 2013

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The People of All Countries

May 20, 2013

Initiate the Orders of the One People of the Earth

We, the One People, have been tasked with creating a bridge from the society we’ve always known to a New Era of Co-Creation, UNITY, PEACE and PROSPERITY for ALL.
Many around the world are waiting for the announcement of political freedom and financial relief in the way of the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA), currency revaluations, and certain other financial reparations. These were born at a time when peace and unity were like garlic and the cross to the dark agenda. In their time these may have been viable plans; By Direct Will of the People, Heaven has Decreed a NEW PATH.

With the obvious outdating of the current forms of government and control, WE are now being called upon to return to Organic Principles of Uniting structures and exchanges where the most fundamental work groups are peer-to-peer relationships. It is in these and only these types of interactions that true Creation occurs; therefore, it is reasonable and prudent that we would utilize this structure to form and Organize our Countries, World, and Universe. *

WE hereby grant due authority to co-create with full responsibility, under full liability and accountability. Under the law of creation, universal law, aligned with the principle of common law, the people are the ones who set the law. The structure under which creation exists and expands in its various forms has no separations, designations, or hierarchies of any kind in its lawful structure. Free will is guaranteed by the lawful structure inclusive of the responsibility, liability, and accountability naturally flowing therefrom.

We are on the precipice of the world’s greatest inventions, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. With or without existing patents, the act of free will co-creation and innovation is now allowing the release of inventions and technologies to facilitate absolute freedom by free will and free will choice, eternal jubilee, and a return to natural law.

On December 25 of 2012, the One Peoples’ Public Trust 1776** announced the foreclosure of all banks and governments due to systematic fraud, unrebuttable and unrebutted, and all assets held in trust to be returned to the One People of the World.*** Now those assets have been returned to the people along with new technologies that allow each of us to BE our own Bank.

An Internet portal called the I/UV (Impower Universal Value) Exchange**** and the I-Page are being introduced and will allow an intrusion-free, non-data-mined way to socially communicate and do business. The I-Page will contain our own Banks and Social Media Connections using encryption keys to conduct business. Think of I-Page as your very own personal social web portal and Bank.

Clearly, together, as the One People of the Earth, we are peering above the horizon of Absolute Freedom and Eternal Jubilee. Let us be conscious of those who have yet to hear the news and generously share our LOVE with all beings throughout the Universe.

Date: May 20, 2013

/s/ Cindy Kay Currier, former Interim President, USA and Common Law Jury Public Servant

/s/ Kimberly A. Teter, former Interim Secretary of the Treasury, USA and Common Law Jury Public Servant


* See paradigm report…

** People’s Trust 1776

*** See Foreclosure Flyer…

**** I-UV Exchange


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