Sophia Love – While You Were Sleeping – 21 May 2013

sophia-love-logoTwo words.  They are crawling, jumping, whispering and shouting into my consciousness.  “Do something.”

Urgently and absolutely, this is a call to act.  Last year, the Light Worker Series ended with December22nd, First Day on the JobSince then, there’s been a recovery and perhaps a bit of mourning going on from 12/21/12.  Enough already, it’s been 5 months and there is much to do.

The One People’s Trust broke the bonds of slavery for us.  Now, with the I/UV in our pocket, it is up to us to shake them off completely and get to work.  For the “owners” are still around, readying some shiny new shackles.  This is not time to stop and rest.

We exist beyond this dimension and many of us can relate to feeling wiped out each morning, exhausted from our night time “jobs”.  While you were sleeping, the struggle for freedom was in full swing.  Some of you are fully engaged in a very real “war”.  This may sound abhorrent to your light worker ears, yet if it resonates at all, consider the idea that you just may be a light warrior.

There will always be dark, pushing for domination.  The experiment that is ending right now on earth is ending on all of its levels.  Some of us have to go.

Understand that as this gets played out, each being is contributing to the eventual balance and evolution that is in process.  There is no death that has not been agreed to by all parties.  There in truth are no enemies, we are One.  Each of us is here with a part to play.

Contrast, opposition, control and domination are as valid and necessary as cooperation, union, collaboration and peace.  It takes extreme heat to forge metal and we are fortifying steel to make up for eons of manipulation.  This takes an enormous amount of energy – our energy.

So sleep when you are called to, it may be more necessary than you understand.  Some of us remember our “night work”, others not so much.  In either case, trust that the odd ache or fatigue is occurring with good reason.  You are fulfilling a contract agreed to long ago.

This does not mean we need do nothing while we walk around.  It is necessary to push back just as hard as ever now; this 3D game will end just as soon as we refuse to play.

What happened on the 19th is for the history books.  It will be gradually revealed after a bit.  The Light Warriors amongst us will remember and publicly share their tales.  It’s not yet over; there are multiple endings.  This is a multi-verse and the experiment is reaching its conclusion on every level.

You know if you are a worker or a warrior.  Keep “DOing” whatever it is you feel called to.  Start what you’ve been thinking about.  Say yes.  Trust the rush you feel coursing through you – it is your eternal essence saying hello.  As we evolve individually and collectively there is no denying the brilliance and power that we are.

There is no greater force than that which comes from one who knows who they are.  You cannot be manipulated, coerced or controlled.  You are fully cognizant of your Godhood.  This is ascension.  Do not deny the process.

Your destiny rests in your evolution and participation.  What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

~Sophia / link to original article

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