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So much heaviness weighing us down these days, so much deception and lies, so much aggression and hostility, but we must not partake in such futile thinking. It is negative energy guaranteed to pull you down into the underworld. No, now is the time for us to dance in the light and rejoice that we are alive, now is the time to flood the planet with as much positive energy as we can. It is time for the light to shine brightly and our voices to be heard. We are the Universe Pioneers and our time is at hand to lead the way to a better world. It is time to realize and understand it is best if we do the opposite of what is expected of us. When fear and tragedy is paraded out on the stage by the dark ones do not panic and cry out. No my fellow Universe Pioneers, dance and sing! Each time we do this we lessen the strength of the dark ones grip upon humanity. We must keep things LIGHT and dance. Even our name suggests where we are meant to keep our spirits. Universe Pioneers=UP !

For months now if not years, we have been breaking ourselves free and learning how to think for ourselves once again. Refuse to follow the herd into the depths of despair. We must learn that safety lies in doing the opposite of what we are told. When we think for ourselves we live in the truth and the truth raises our vibration and enters our hearts. This is where we must spend our time hanging out no matter what is going on around us. This is what will be so difficult for us to adhere to in the moments of chaos. This is where our rubber meets the road so to speak. I know we can do this, look what we have gone through already and we are still standing strong to our foundation.

I would guess we have more false flags coming our way as the dark ones tighten their death grip to hold on to power over us, but they will fail. They are weak now and holding on is becoming extremely difficult for them. They are slipping downward towards the end of their rope. We must untie the knot at the end and grease the rope to speed up their demise. We do this by not complying, by doing the opposite of what they expect from us, by thinking for ourselves and by remaining UP and positive at all times. If we live from our hearts this is not as difficult as it sounds. I will suggest once again that my readers read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz if they have not already done so. If you agree to and follow the four agreements, I promise you your lives will change forever! Be Free!

Summer is here and the living is easy, there is no excuse for why we are not dancing and rejoicing for we live in an amazing world, we have been given so much, we are surrounded by beauty if we look for it and we were blessed to able to take part in this final part of the journey to the new world. We are not only witnessing it, we are it! How much luckier can you get. The Universe Pioneers are here to stay and set up house. We bring with us few belongings, but we bring much love and compassion and truth along with the light. Bless us all for this effort we are making to create a new and loving world. The universe is watching us and we must not let them down. Forward we go and keep the light shining bright!

Please say prayers for Oklahoma, for those lost and those left empty without loved ones.

Blessings to all,

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