AscensionPioneers – Ascension Update : Ascension guides, Gatekeepers, Pillars, New Gateway & Solar Body Activation – 22 May 2013

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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

What is an Ascension guide? This name has nothing to do with any sort of a desire to be one, or about labels in general. The only thing that being an Ascension guide is about is being of service to others in their Ascension journey. This of course, is just a name for the tasks that they are guided to accomplish.

Spirit guidance is very clear on this Truth, which is as follows! An Ascension guide can only be someone who has this as their dharma, and this is someone who has ascended before (an ascended one), and that is why they have a deeper understanding of this mechanical and yet natural and organic process of Ascension. What Ascension guides are doing is bringing forward Higher understanding/knowing of the Ascension process and bringing it forth through their own experience and embodiment as a wayshower. As an Ascension guide, there is no other way but to embody this knowing of ours, so to be a vessel for pure Spirit and the embodiment of Divine Love.

Ascension guide is not someone who puts themselves on a pedestal. They are humble, and they only point towards going within and reaching Self mastery. They do not answer other people’s questions, as they do not allow the ego to get in a way of higher knowing. They understand that everyone’s Divine remembrance of Truth needs to come from within. So they do act like they know it all, they do not seek attention or recognition of others. They are not about business, establishment or goals. They are merely interested in assisting others through Truth and fulfilling their purpose.

Within the realms of these Beings who are to serve as guides, there are many tasks by which they operate. We know Gatekeepers, Pillars, and some others as well. Remember, the names are not important, their energy signature is.

What is a Gatekeeper? This is someone who opens up gateways here on Earth, by having a deeper understanding of them and how they operate. Within their service work, they are often guided to visit many different places on Earth and do energy work there, through opening up gateways and mini vortices.

What is a Pillar? This is someone who I call a Power Soul. These are Beings who are here to radiate out energy of the highest and purest frequencies. They act as a living portal, and they are usually incarnated at a very specific place on Earth, mostly being guided to stay there and anchor these higher frequencies from there. Their effects and services are not even seen to the visible eyes, and most of their purpose is cultivated behind the scenes. They are the ones who have done this before, here on Earth and elsewhere. They are the ones who understand the sacred Principles of Creation and Divine cosmometry, through the principles of sacred geometry and Universal laws. They are mostly here to serve the entire Creation, not just Human kind. They have a pact with this planet and they feel this deeply, for they are working with the planetary grid a very superconscious level. Like I have written myself a while ago, most of them are not even aware of who they truly are yet, and the effect of their purpose is immense. Due to this high planetary and cosmic responsibility, they are only guided by the highest guidance of Spirit within the Realms of Illuminated Truth, where all Truth is One. And they only operate through Divine will. They have a high level of Divine remembrance, and they came to share with others, who are also ready to remember their true Divine nature.

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Notice how I say “what is” instead of “who is”, for these are merely our Divine tasks, it is not who we truly are in Essence. We are truly Beings of Divine Love … Source Light manifested in Creation!

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