Lucas – Light In All Its Contrast – Perceptions Fast Forward Into Unity – 22 May 2013

lightsClarity I have said will come as things evolve from divine  chaos to divine order again in a new way. The humans in our equation are all just little dimensional bubbles  in the 5d  sphere of non-time.  The bubbles are seeking the  bubbles  that resonate with them to be cluttering together.  Everywhere the resonance fields attract or disconnect bubbles from all different individual perceptions of time and space and inter-dimensional fields and let them find their own new 5D resonance groups.  The search in the now is  possible as source has halted the interference of the last fragments of duality fields and frameworks towards the 5D expansional resonance fields to do harm now. It is like fast forward – fast backward or being paused in the now by source. Your connection to Gaia is guiding you as your SatNav in this moments to find your resonance fields to connect.

Our ever-expanding fields are in our own levels and fields of being in the now bringing the shift and change forward. In the moment of now and in the coming 4 weeks the change opportunities will be great. In this change also the chaos of the old duality is still played out and felt and for some it will be a hell of a job to change perceptions or let go even the last private obstacles of body and or mind on your pathway.  The planets, energies, movements , source, lightbeings all will contribute in pushing change forward in you and around you, but do not forget it is still you that needs to do it yourself.  It is for some difficult to see you will see in the end the light in everything by the biggest and best contrast you ever have had.  It is the coming together of the polarities that will in full sync be the new unity being.

For those thinking not to be able to see or do. All is still a process we all need to go through in our own ways and still “time” within our own dimensional bubble. There is no other time line than the one source intended to be. The illusions of new or other realities are fictional as long as you or  others bringing you into distraction or belief  of it are not integrating it as real. You will otherwise be trapped in an other chosen field that keeps your separation consciousness working.  You have to see all as an observer that sees what is the bigger picture and sees it in neutrality as it is just a vast multi-layer network of connections that make up amazing structures of reality.

The way things are connected from inter-human level, to inter-dimensional and  source connection level are so refined that you could see it as a time-lapsed film of lights in different shades and forms that flow around in the flow of things and you will see order in the chaos. It is the knowing to be just part of that energy that makes up all that is that makes you know to have arrived on the quantum level of being YOU.  It is being that energy that makes up all of you as being of light in all its contrast.  It is being. For some this is still speaking gibberish but know it is for all just a step away. It is like viewing an object on the horizon from one place and stepping 9 steps further in an other direction and see your perception of the same object has shifted.

We will see some strange and contrasting things happening that can be called revealing or exposed. But it is just the shifting of contrast and light that makes things get their newly given truths of reality. It can be a harsh reality for some and a blissful for others  in awakening and shifts taking place towards equilibrium. So things that need to be disturbed to get back  in the order of the new will be. Also those things to be re-instated or renewed will be but all will have the direction of going forward on the One timeline towards unity in oneness on the planet.  The divine course can not be altered but only perceived to be altered. Therefore perceptions of what is will be tested, till those are changed in line with unity.

So expect change to come as it will in any way affect you reality. For those holding onto perceptions of the old paradigm and way they will be confronted with themselves. It is not about being good or bad anymore or right or wrong it is about being that balance within that creates also balance on the outside.  Exiting new times are coming. So keep up the good work you did or do. It all will work out nicely.  Just let your perceptions not wander off to past or future as all is here in the now.  Be. Your new found perception will fast forward you into Unity.

Love and Light,


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