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Reality Check: Cincinnati IRS Agent Cindy Thomas Giving Orders – Ben Swann – 23 May 2013

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Méline Lafont – The Arcturians – You Are Walking Portals – 23 May 2013

MélineLafontDear Ones, we are the Arcturian Council of the Light and today we come to the forefront through this loving heart and we bring you our unconditional love and our respect for you truly are tremendously powerful souls in incarnation. Without the lot of you there would be no talk of a Global Ascension just because you are those little flames of pure Light and Love from the Source of “All That Is”.

In this current time frame we find ourselves in a momentum of energies meandering through the collective and pure essence of your Being. There are specific timelines taking on different shapes and which are now configuring a more Earthly reality in all your consciousnesses. Many activations and integrations in your current consciousness are now elevating themselves and will display a whole new reality out of a higher and more refined consciousness. Continue reading

TheMoonHippieMystic – My Spirit Cannot BE Contained – 23 May 2013

goddessIt’s Springtime here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  We’ve had rain to quench the thirst of drought for a minute.  It’s green and the temperature is a mild 75 degrees.  Perfect weather, Perfect day!

I couldn’t stay inside today.  I find it harder and harder in fact.  The Mr. was out in the yard this morning and when he came back he said “I can’t stay here today” and I agreed wholeheartedly!    I’m finding it close to impossible to stay in any kind of “3D” at all.  It’s exhausting.  I’ve watched my “ego” die a slow death and I AM Grateful but where to from here?  I Honestly can’t wait to find out!  But in the meantime… Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Expansion And Contraction – 23 May 2013

JamyePriceThe opposites of life create the wholeness of life.  Expansion and Contraction are not just opposites, they are two parts of a whole.  Life seeks both, for it is One inclusive whole.  Are you inclusive by nature, allowing Life to flow through you in its opposites?  That which you oppose or resist creates a friction within your life force.  As you are inclusive, allowing the totality of life to flow through you, your own expansion and contraction flows with ease.  Contraction need not be resisted.  It is the focusing, the resting, the letting go and the allowing.  This is part of your livelihood, for without contraction, expansion has no platform for existence.  It takes strength to allow the contraction, for it is within the inner world that is unseen – the space of choice, before it comes to fruition.  Expansion is the visible result of contraction.  Continue reading

John Ward – Woolwich, Westminster, & Wild Headlines : What A Way To Run A Country – 23 May 2013


Wouldn’t it be good to see language like this being used about Britain’s child care system?


Sickening, deluded, unforgivable

You will never be safe

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John Ward – The Paedofile : A Matter Of £135m And 90% Under-Reporting Of Missing Children – 23 May 2013

pigbankToday: making money and missing kids, Cyril Smith investigation Risen from the Dead, and how the MoD ignores the abuse of army-heroes’ children

This edition looks at just three of the many different motives behind the under-reporting and otherwise covering-up of child sex exploitation. Sometimes it’s money – big money. Sometimes it’s Establishment fear of where the trail might lead. And  at other times, it may be nothing more than callous idleness. The Slog investigates. Continue reading

Gemini – World Invocation Day – 23 May 2013

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Visionkeeper – Learning To Understand – 23 May 2013

Old tree by the road(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

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As I was looking at pictures to use in my posts I came across this one and suddenly was struck with a powerful wave of loneliness. I looked at it quite a long while trying to figure out why it made me feel this way. Then I began to wonder what other people see when the look at this, how do they feel. It reminded me of such an important point we should all remember. We all see our lives differently because we are different and we need to respect that. So often our egos try to force other people to see things our way because we feel our way is the correct way because that is how we perceive the world. We believe things about our world according to how we perceive it, not because that is the way it really is. We really need to understand this fact as it is one that quite often gets us into a great deal of trouble. If how we perceive something is incorrect, then who are we to be pushing our ideas on others? Continue reading

AbsoluteDataExchange – Making Our Way – 23 May 2013

57d62-absolutedataexchangeNew times need new ways to think and to imagine – let’s share as many as we can. Here are a few to get started with:

Trust is an exercise in fulfilment, a template for liberty, and a deferment of bitterness.

In excellence and achievement we find our hardest taskmaster.

Playfulness is that state of BEing completely at ease with ourselves and our environment.

We strive hardest when we strive to DO the things we know in our hearts must be done.

Anything we DO can only be done in the now.

I could go on like this for hours, why don’t you add some of your own to get this party started!

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4 Minutes News – Galaxy-Collision Sim, Strong Radiation Storm (S3) – 23 May 2013

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