John Ward – Slog Vindicated As Court Rules Sally Bercow McAlpine Tweet Was Libellous – 24 May 2013

John WardA victory for the dissemblers

As The Slog predicted a week ago, well-known admirer of media manipulators and Lord Machiavelli, Alfie McAlpswine (not of Wrexham and Chester in any way whatsoever) has won his libel ‘case’ against Sally Wifeof-Berk, oh what a terrible result.

There are many who deserve thanks for this outcome, but in particular I should like make especial mention of the amateur-night performance of the BBC in naming the wrong branch of the McAlpine building dynasty, and Carter F**k for allegedly completely mishandling what should’ve been an open and shut case…or so I have been told by experts, but beyond that I couldn’t possibly comment.

I should like to take this opportunity once again of unreservedly confirming my long-stated view that Lord Alf is not a paedophile, but that his second cousin Jimmy McAlpine most assuredly was a child-buggering bastard of great infamy.

There will now be long pause in any reporting of anything to do with Lord McScalpine by the spineless molluscs working for the mainstream media.

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