Laura Bruno – Timoty Glenn – Uranus Square Pluto Part Three – 24 May 2013

laura brunoThis post felt like a nice little birthday gift yesterday from my friend, Tim Glenn. If you’ve been feeling the surging sadness that seems way beyond your own grief (encompassing instead the oppression of our entire planet), or if you’ve felt a boiling irritation that threatens to explode in large bursts of uncontrollable truth, praying that the sleepers wake up now before things get even more intense and screaming-in-your-face obvious … well, let’s just say, you’re not alone. ;) Tim explains the astrological energies beyond an increasingly difficult-to-suppress urge to shout from the mountain tops: “Let freedom ring….”

Uranus Square Pluto Part Three:

Revolution Number Nine

Here in May of 2013, we have reached the third of seven exact squares of Uranus to Pluto, as the planets of evolution and revolution square off in their series of worldchanging influences. The conjunction of these planets in the Sixties kicked off a social revolution that demanded conscious evolution. And whatever is conceived at the conjunction is called into action and put to the test at the square.

A Long Time Coming

Since it took more than four decades for Uranus to advance the the point of squaring Pluto, it seems like eons have passed since the idealism of the Sixties captured so many imaginations and hearts. In cosmic timing, that stretch of time barely constitutes a blip. And yet most of us live in what Proterrian calls The Tick-Tick Reality, rather than in the rhythms of the universe. This has created the phenomenon that in the interim, it feels as though we have lived several lifetimes.

On one level, this is perfectly understandable. The awakening of the Sixties set us off on a collective journey of experiencing how our consciousness helps us shape our reality, both individually and collectively. Millions upon millions of us now share similar perspectives on dimensions, timelines, parallel realities and infinite possibilities that were previously undreamed of. As a result, we are truly living different lives in a different world. We are not only still transforming ourselves and the world, but we are now approaching critical mass in our global metamorphosis.

Strange Brew

Some people thought that the Sixties happened and then fizzled out, as though the shift in consciousness and conscientiousness has had no effect on our world in the decades to follow. We might view these intervening years as a gestation period. It takes time for things to brew.

Now that things have finished brewing, the time of The Quickening is suddenly bursting upon us. The Human Heart is being called forth into the Universe At Large to acknowledge our connection with all of infinity. With Uranus the Awakener in Aries, lightning bolts of awareness are striking the human world with gusto.

The real revolution is commencing.

Break On Through To The Other Side

As people open their eyes to the deceptions of the old world and its so-called leaders, an ancient wall of illusion accelerates its process of crumbling…or simply dissolving. It may appear that we need to break through this wall, but nothing needs to be broken. The wall is an illusion.

We can smoothly and gracefully move on through to the other side. It’s easy. All you need is love.

And awareness.

The easiest people to keep enslaved are those who believe they are free. A quote from Harriet Tubman echoes from a more distant past: “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more, but they believed they were free.” As in the Matrix films, people are realizing we have been living in a prison without bars. The invisible prison was a clever ploy by the planetary controllers. If the inmates don’t even suspect they live a life of incarceration, they have little reason to seek an escape.

We are not anticipating a violent revolution, but rather a peaceful evolution. And the more we understand about the true nature of our human condition, the more graceful our flight to freedom can be.

“I’m Only Sleeping”

A rapidly dwindling sector of the population still slumbers through these tumultuous times. Their sleep might be growing more fitful, but they still cling to their antiquated belief systems and matrix programming, reminiscent of the lyrics to the old Beatles tune: “Please don’t wake me. No, don’t shake me. Leave me where I am. I’m only sleeping.”

But it might no longer be considered an act of kindness to allow our neighbors to sleep while their houses are burning. Uranus in Aries in an exact square to Pluto generates an evolutionary urgency: mutate or die. At the onset of the First American Revolution, Uranus rode shouting through the night with Paul Revere and William Dawes without thinking anything like, “Gee, this might be disturbing the peace.”

Turn, Turn, Turn

Trying to force people awake might prove to be counterproductive, but we can use our imaginations to create ways of offering the option. And when the sleepers choose to awaken, we can be standing at the ready with aid and comfort. It will help if we emphasize that we are not saying there is anything wrong with the act of sleeping, but sleeping with your house on fire endangers both yourself and your neighbors.

From another Sixties tune by The Byrds: “To everything…turn, turn, turn…there is a season…turn, turn, turn…and a time for every purpose under heaven.” What on earth would be the purpose of sleeping with your house on fire? In Astrology, squares call us into action. And with one as powerful as Uranus square Pluto, we enter the season of revolution; not a rebellion, but a simple denial of consent. We will no longer comply with a decrepit fear-based system. We will co-create a lovebased world.

Strange Days Have Found Us

More and more people report having what can be termed Matrix Experiences; the phenomenon of realizing you are the only conscious entity in your immediate environment. A funny feeling like deja vu creeps over you, along with the impression that everyone around you is sleepwalking through the Matrix as though they were zombies or androids. For the more recently awakened, this can be quite disconcerting.

Spiritually sensitive folks are also picking up on unpleasant vibes from probability lines wherein extremely unpleasant possibilities play out. Whether the world would be rocked by natural disasters or by the old system acting out on its doctrine of “rule or ruin”, a feeling of dread can create a knot in our stomachs. It helps if we can acknowledge it, but shift our energies onto other probability lines.

Our probability lines have gone beyond being frenetic, to the point of no longer being linear. So our probabilities are no longer lines. Uranus square Pluto encourages us to adapt; to develop spontaneity in the midst of literally infinite possibilities in a holographic universe; a universe that is actually composed of infinite intermingling holograms.

Strange days have tracked us down.

Hey, Joe

Joseph Stalin knew his business. He said that without public approval you can do nothing, but with it you can do anything. His art lay in concealing his true agenda from the public at large, while tapping into their energies to support his dirty deeds. The system of today plays the same game. As long as the political manipulators can convince people that the system is doing the right thing, those people unwittingly lend their divine essence to agendas they would never approve of if they were aware.

Uranus square Pluto does carry the potential for conflict and upheaval, but also for expression of its higher octaves. We can choose awareness. We can use the creative thrust of this energy to help others unplug from the Matrix, without us having to explain the whole scenario to their conscious minds.

This is a game of energy, a game of the heart, a game of Divine Love.

New World Coming

In the wake of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, Cass Elliot rang the message forth with her magnificent voice. Indeed, “There’s a new world coming”, but as noted in the earlier paraphrase of the Crosby, Stills and Nash tune Long Time Gone, it feels like it has been a long time coming. It appears to be a long long long long time before the dawn, but appearances can be deceiving.

Regardless of our perceptions of time, the dawn has arrived and the time is now. Again, this is only the third of seven exact squares of Uranus to Pluto, but the third time can be a charm.

One way or another, this powerful astrological aspect will recycle the old world and usher in a new reality. Those who would impose a “New World Order” using the old world ideologies and methods will run the risk of casting themselves into the cosmic recycle bin. Their vision of tyrannical dystopia is not new, and is not a true order. The old world has existed in an extremely narrow frequency band, and all we need to do is expand our awareness beyond that limited range.

Welcome to the game of transcendence. Let’s play.

Timothy Glenn / link to original article


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