Lisa Gawlas – The Fog Bank Of Lower Density – 24 May 2013

Fog Bank

I have decided, I take to many things for granted!  Namely, my ability to connect to spirit or the clarity of a landscape to allow such communication with ease.  Of course, I didn’t realize any of this until yesterday when I tried to do my readings for the day.  I have not heard or connected to a thing since landing in Bristol, Virginia on Wednesday evening.  I assumed I was just road weary and that fact that my limbs were swollen like sausages, that I just needed time to recoup my energy and deflate.

Trying to connect to my first lady of the day yesterday was akin to pushing thru a thick fog bank, quite literally.  I would snag a fleeting glimpse of… something, then back to the fog bank.  God bless her patience.  We tried over and over again until i realized I was more frustrated than clear and we rescheduled for a couple of hours later.  I figured since this was my first attempt at reading in N.E. Pennsylvania, I might need to find where my antenna plugs into the higher frequencies.  So when my second guy of the day rolled around, I completely decided to change where I am going to read from.  I went to my fathers backyard, next to the creek under the trees.  Same thing happened there.  Like a thick cloud bank of energy just hovering.  I realized tho, the little break thru’s I had with him was very similar to what I had with my first lady.

On the front porch when I was trying to do a skype reading, as well as in the backyard doing a phone reading, the glimpses were the same.  A thick white energy, that if it was so bloated I would say looked like a vortex, trying to open.  I could see an image of someone… small like an elemental maybe, trying to stretch this vortex open. I couldn’t hold my vision long enough to really understand what I was seeing.

In between my first and second reading, as I sat here just frustrated and puzzled, my team showed me what looked like a grid of black power lines just above my head, hanging in the lower atmosphere, all I could think of, was this is going to take some work!!  Much more than I bargained for!

I suppose, however, we did crack something open.  Off and on for the next few hours, for the first time in a week, I could hear my team, barely, but I will take barely over not at all.

The thick layer of fog was the densest collective energy, what I would refer to as the fear vibration.  It is heavy, thick and filled with static.  It really helped me understand why judgement and prejudice is so rampant here, why nothing seems to have changed at all.  But my team also showed me the effect this fog bank has on the brain waves of the people who live here.  The thick energy pressing the mind into the state of separation, which brings anger and sadness, displaced by projecting it out to others, into the equation.     Which, of course, presses into the body itself.

Even the state of the magnetic field that surrounds any version of a collective, is something, until now, I never thought about.  But man oh man, talk about strong!  It is so different from the buoyant light field magnetic’s of the higher vibrational collectives.  Where the higher vibrational magnetic field has no resonance at the vibration of fear, meaning, that which is dense and heavy cannot access or hold the energy of the higher collective, the fear vibration is its polar opposite.  It sticks to the Light body like mud, dulling the natural abilities, the natural vibration of the light body.

If the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is this thick with old energy, I cannot even imagine how thick it is in Washington DC.  But I am understanding why things are so slow to change in some areas.  Not to mention how easy it would be (thinking of Barack Obama) to get lost in the density you find yourself in.  I consider myself a consciously aware person and until I tried to do readings yesterday, I was so unaware of the energy field pushing against life here.  I can so understand why the first 30+ years of my own life were spent in and out of massive depression and my own body broke down and became sick.

I am still challenged to read today, hell, I am challenged to get a continuous flow to write this blog.  I have been at this for 5 hours now… I would get a flicker of clarity, then stop… then a flicker, then stop…

There has got to be a much bigger reason to be here, in this density than my father, he was simply the catalyst to get me here.  I have said so often, sometimes we need to back up in order to catapult ourselves forward, well, I have just gone back to the beginning!  So whatever lays ahead has got to be bigger than I can even realize.

If I can ask y’all a favor… lend me some spiritual dynamite so i can blow a hole in the dense fabric of time and illusion!!

I love you and my god I miss you sooooooo much!!!


Lisa Gawlas

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