AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Get Ready For Spherical Consciousness – 25 May 2013

sphericalawakeningAnd now a word from our heretofore (mostly) invisible sponsor…The feminine. Gaia. Nature. Soul. Love. Spherical Consciousness.

Guess what? There has always been pure wisdom, power, and knowing in the spaces in-between our language-based framework of human life on earth. Some of us, no matter our gender, were born into and continued to have some sense of self in this watery in-between throughout our lives. But let’s face it, with little-to-no acknowledgement or validation of its existence in the world, it was crazy-making.

The ETs, the Kundalini, and the mystical communion with the Natural World arrived randomly throughout my life. All of these symbols of “Greater Frequency and Wisdom” came with their defibrillators in tow. They were ready to shock me back to the truth of LIFE at just the moment when they thought my essence was all but gone – swallowed up into the madness of the intellectually-dominated worldview. It felt like each visit, whether it was an emergency call or not, was full of purpose and intent to keep me in remembrance of what was not only real, but the actual center of my consciousness – the heart.

The common denominator in these connections was wordless knowing. It happened so often, that soon I was able to “hear” or feel the wisdom without the initial shock and awe of the great unknown. I was informed by this grand Field of Love, how to access it and “teach” or bridge to it for others. I was informed that it was our field of Universal Identity – something we could look away from, but couldn’t disconnect from if we tried.

My first big problem with this way of knowing, is that when you’re in it, you ARE it, and you can’t speak. Oh sure, later you can strain to find words to describe the knowing to others, but in the end, they just sound airy-fairy ridiculous. Someone suggested that I learn to channel so that I could translate the feeling-knowing state to others. So I did that from 2004 to yesterday. It was SO frustrating that the linear words would exclude MOST of the wisdom that came through the energy. And I found that most of what was translated along the way was not interesting or stimulating enough to the “new-age” minds that I encountered. Yet as I review the hundreds of transcribed and audio files today, a great deal of what was given is coming true right now… a mass awakening within the heart of humanity to the Truth of what we are all connected to. Still, the conditioned mind and the intellect hungers for words; hungers for drama and stories with dazzling plots and characters. Yet in the end, what these seemingly individual minds are ultimately creating, is distraction from what they KNOW awaits in the core of themselves – a one-on-ONE meeting with the Heart of the Universe. In many of the transmissions, this coming event was translated as “meeting your Maker” – a fun little play on words. Time to meet your Maker. Death? Well… yes, death of a limited way of being and death of the conceptual past and future. But in this case, the loss of your physical body is no longer necessary at this monumental, present-moment crossroads or intersection in higher-frequency consciousness. To put it rather bluntly, all that is required is for you to be still (shut up) and listen! Once THIS spherical knowing is activated, there is no return to the limitations of language with the old, and completely dependent ways of accessing information outside of ourselves.

I was informed in 1986 – within a lucid dream of several cassette tapes being inserted into my skull, and the subsequent feeling of trillions and trillions of bits of data downloading into my consciousness – that I would eventually become that which I channeled or communed with; that which I initially felt was “other” would be fully reconciled as “I” on Earth. I was also shown that this blending would take place for many who have experienced conscious contact in these ways. Since it was (channel) Darryl Anka and his soon-to-be reconciled future self, Bashar, that was inserting the tapes into my brain, I consulted with him and had it confirmed in front of a very large audience in Los Angeles, CA around the date of the 1987 Convergence, that this was in fact, true. Darryl and I have remained friends to this day. Over these last 27 years, I have observed this blending taking place for Darryl as well.

The Feminine Wisdom knows. It has no ego. It has no need to be the rock star of spiritual wisdom. It is about community and connectedness – everyone being honored and respected for the value of their Being. The lyrics and music of my songs and the translations from communion states are simply little symbols bouncing along waves and waves of Love. This, and poetry, was the only medium I could find to shout it out to the world that THIS is what we are all connected to. Over time I had to attune to, and yes, adapt to, and integrate these very high frequencies of bliss in order to feel and be balanced on Planet Earth, yet the discomfort of being the oddball amongst family and friends continued. I am informed, and do trust, that this spherical knowing is what awaits every single one of us – a full reconciliation to our wholeness – while remaining in form. That is, if one chooses to fully KNOW in the present moment.

Whatever your path may be to re-discovering your own connectedness with Source and with the entirety of your community – both on and off the planet – I honor and respect. I simply encourage you to embrace this one-on-one with your heart, and subsequent new way of BEing, now. You will not lose your self or identity within this field, but you will gain the greater love, view and understanding – that like water – will rush in and fill in all the blanks and emptiness. I look forward to what we will all create together from this field and foundation of LOVE. Thank you for your ongoing courage to open to what has once been unknown within our limited bandwidth of understanding. It is time to invite it in and activate the spherical KNOWING now – thereby transforming the smallness and limitation of this world. Together we will give birth to the rest of ourselves – re-embracing both the power and the gentleness of the feminine, and our fullness on Earth.

Excerpt from 4/25/09 Translation

When we speak of bandwidth, we are perceiving in terms of sphere. Why is this an important note to make? Because heart and heart consciousness is spherical. Perception with the heart is an actual feeling in human physicality of instant understanding through a filling in of the sphere. There may be color definition. There may be sound. There is the touch – that which is palpable to your skin, to your cells, to your bones, to your blood. There is a rushing in… a filling in of understanding and this occurs with not one single thought.  There may be thought after the understanding, but know that thought comes in mostly as a way to translate from spherical to linear. For if all are accessing through the heart grid, the understanding and the knowing, what is the purpose of translation? Why would one want to reduce it to a linear translation? There would be no need. We are simply stating that there is a need for translation from spherical to linear due to the fact that there is primarily not the believability from most humans that they are able to access in this way, and that this is an option for them. The only way that humans will be aware of this option is if more and more humans step into this way of accessing, this way of knowing, and begin to demonstrate it and to live it, thereby creating the physical demonstration of its viability and value.

The sphere expands and begins to activate others. And soon, in these coming years, you will find that you are all living quite happily, joyfully and passionately in your Now Sphere, which includes ALL. No one is left behind in this evolutionary step in consciousness. This is what wholeness is.

More to come…

In Lak’esh.


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