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Today’s The Day! – (MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO) – 25 May 2013

march against monsanto flyerhttp://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/

Don’t forget today is the massive march against Monsanto in a town near you. It is time to take back our food and save the environment from the evil destruction unleashed by Monsanto.

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John Ward – The Saturday Essay : The Inevitable Consequences Of A Global Rush From Reality – 25 May 2013

John WardWhy the globalist neocon wet dream is too ideal to survive harsh reality

I could give you a hundred reasons why globalised mercantilism is fatally flawed, but it’s more detail than anyone needs. This essay isn’t an attempt to offer The Explanation of Everything, but rather a clearly evidenced summary of the fundamental “page one” reasons why globalism per se is: Continue reading

Abraham Hicks – Appreciation For Uplifters – 25 May 2013

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Jon Rappoport – The Individual Vs. The Collective In The Matrix – 25 May 2013

no more fake new Jon Rappoport

In the 1950s, before television had numbed minds and turned them into jelly, there was a growing sense of: the Individual versus the Corporate State.

Something needed to be done. People were fitting into slots. They were surrendering their lives in increasing numbers. They were carving away their own idiosyncrasies and their independent ideas.

Collectivism wasn’t merely a Soviet paradigm. It was spreading like a fungus at every level of American life. It might fly a political banner here and there, but on the whole it was a social phenomenon and nightmare. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Lance Devon – New Study Reveals How Glyphosate In Monsanto’s Roundup Inhibits Natural Detoxification In Human Cells – 25 May 2013

Pesticide-Spray-Bug-Plant-Pump(NaturalNews) The modern age of industrial agriculture and manufacturing has dumped heavy metals, carninogens, plastics, and pesticides into the environment at alarming rates. These toxins are showing up in most human tissue cells today. One distinct chemical may be trapping these toxins in human cells, limiting the human body’s ability to detoxify its own cells. In a new peer reviewed study, this sinister chemical, glyphosate, has been proven to inhibit the human cell’s ability to detoxify altogether. Glyphosate, found in Monsanto’s Roundup, is being deemed by publishers of the new study “one of the most dangerous chemicals” being unleashed into the environment today. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Norway Flood, Comet Dives At Sun, TE CH On E Limb – 25 May 2013

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart – Priorities USA – 25 May 2013

the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-0The Obama administration believes in freedom of the press — just not freedom of speech for people who might talk to the press.

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WCJ – Apple Taxes Cartoon – 25 May 2013

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©2013 Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch

from the Western Center For Journalism http://www.westernjournalism.com/apple-taxes-2

Judy Sartori – The Sound Of Light : Full Moon Transmission And Interview – 25 May 2013

judy_satoriHere are the links to listen to from the soundoflight newslettter. (Lucas : For the ones new to hear light language speaking listen a bit longer all will come clear.)

Link to Full Moon Transmission

Link to Interview by Living Spirit Radio of 24 May 2013

www.thesoundoflight.com/ link to original article

DL Zeta – Eclipse Energies Amplify The Unified Field Of The New Time – 25 May 2013

DL ZetaThe energies of the May 24/25 full moon eclipse in Sagittarius coincide with the Festival of Goodwill to help anchor and amplify the new time on planet Earth. The Festival of Goodwill each year seeks to create a unified field of love, corporation and peace, and over the next few days, those energies will be amplified by the powerful lunar eclipse.

Jupiter Highlights Expansion During the May 24/25 Eclipse

Expansion is a central theme of this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Jupiter, as lord of the eclipse, highlights expansion, new visions, prosperity and abundance. Continue reading