Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Magnificence And Miracle – 26 May 2013

gods20handGod said:

You have to understand that you play a far greater part in the existence of the world than you possibly know or can conceive of. There is a big distance between your perception about your role and the magnificence of your actual role than you are presently able to perceive and accept.

This helps to explain how so many opposites appear in the world, how great the misperception and how great is the lack of All-Knowingness in human life as you live it and know it. How great are you in ignorance, beloveds! Innocent? Indeed. The more sophisticated or blasé you may think you are, most likely you are innocent in the true ways of life in the world.

At the same time as I tell you that you are unaware of the role you serve on Earth, I tell you that you are a Magnificent Being. Not a potential Magnificence but a real-live loving Magnificence right now. You will admit that you do not know yourself as magnificent.

At this moment, you have no idea of the miracle and miracles that you are part of. You look in the mirror, and you see a face and maybe liver spots, and that’s what you see. You don’t see the radiant light that you are. You do not see all the connections that you make with other bright lights across the Universe.

If you could see right now what I see, you would see a lighted-up grid showing moving light criss-crossing everywhere. You would see such a panorama of light moving so quickly you would just about have an image of Eternity and Infinity. You would see such patterns of beauty and love that would dumbfound you.

In fact, you would be so immersed in this Reality that you might never come out of it. This is one good reason why you dip gradually into this Truth so that you will merge with it gently. You know, if you felt yourself speeding at the speed of light, you might be dazzled to an overpowering extent.

So, as it is, you clomp along, wise perhaps in the surface ways of the world and so innocent of the Truth that the world is based on, and, so, you see yourself as a mere human being, a clod perhaps who seems to be stuck in sand and is unable to notice that he traverses the Universe and beyond. All the while, you are a Time-Traveler. All the while, you do cross into the hills and valleys of Eternity and Infinity. I like the expression hills and valleys so I use it full well-knowing that Eternity and Infinity are hill-less and valley-less.

I must have said before that you are Shining Lights, that you are angels on Earth, that the role you play is in a different league from what you may feel. In the realm I speak of, everyone has the dynamism of Heaven. You have the power to move mountains. You have the power to bring peace to the world, and, despite whatever you may think or not think, you are doing it right now.

Look up at the stars on a clear night, and you will begin to see what I see when I see you. You may presently see yourself weak or dragging your feet. You may see yourself as ill or frantic. No matter what you may think or feel, I was not kidding when I said once that you are all My handmaidens. You are to Me like the night stars are to you, something bright and phenomenal to look up at. / link to original article

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