Sophia Love – Force Of Light – 26 May 2013 weekend brings with it great expectations.  It is the last weekend in May and lots of folks we are listening to have mentioned this as a pivotal time.  This is a story we’ve all heard before.  It’s one we might be better off to ignore.  The idea of something to wait for is very much the thought of a slave.  Slaves wait to be told what to do and when and what they’ll receive for their actions.  Masters DO, confident in the outcome.

You are surrounded by Masters; many of them convinced of their slavery.  Since you are reading this, you remain skeptical.  Good.

Right now, many Masters are engaged in freedom work.  It is happening on the ground, in real time.  It is happening in what we’ve come to call our dream time.  You may be feeling tired, anxious, angry or agitated – without visible cause.  This is most likely a remnant of your/our off planet engagement.  Trust that all is well.  You are right where you are supposed to be.  As a Master, you have stopped waiting.  If this decision hasn’t yet caught up to your daily life, it is time that it does.  You are here to DO.

Right now, there are legions of fierce ones assuring you succeed.  You can proceed, knowing that your plans will be made manifest.  With each effort, the idea of freedom expands.  Those that stand at the ready to ensure your safety are the “Philosopher~Warrior~Angels” that were mentioned the other day.  They are here to guarantee your success.  Trust and DO.  Now is the time.

What are you contemplating?  Do it.  Fear is a fruitless enterprise.  Love is powerful.  It is fierce.  It is synonymous with freedom. The statement “freedom isn’t free” applies here.  There is work to be done.  By us.

You could write a letter, march, join, start, talk.  Whatever you choose, do so with confidence.  Your freedom has been guaranteed by forces you can barely imagine. The battle rages on, yet we’ve won.  What is going on now is a relentless push by those who have yet to “get the memo”.

Those who will assure that freedom prevails are fiercely, constantly engaged.  They will not stand down, give up or change focus.  It is time to honor them with equal efforts. You know your work.  It is the thing running deeply through you always.  It keeps you up at night and restless in your days, jobs and relationships.  Unsure of when the time would arise to do it, you’ve held back, as if on “pause”.

The time has arrived.  The stage is set for a spectacular new vision.  It’s based on agape as fuel for creation, new life and what comes next.  As a Master, you’re not content with answers from elsewhere.  All answers come from within and are given as a result of your DOing.

It may not look exactly as you envisioned.  That is because there are 7 billion of us, building it together.  It’ll be better than we’ve imagined or seen before.  It’ll open the door for yet more.  It won’t get rid of everything; some people, programs and structures will remain.  Yet they will now serve the whole and benefit the many.

In our yard we’ve had two nests on different downspouts of our gutters.  Four families have used these two homes – the second two building on what was built by the first, all this season; different species of birds.  The first two built on what had been left from last year.  Nothing was wasted.  New life emerges with each generation – all from the same place.

You have come to build on what is here, toss or alter what doesn’t work and keep at it until it fits.  Trust that you know. Your success is guaranteed.  Yesterday something shifted in the direction you’ve been headed.  On some level, you felt it change, and your heart lifted. Allow your heart to guide you now; this is what you came for. The rest of us are watching.  Show us who you are.  You are the One.


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