DutchNews – The Netherlands Moves To Relax Syria Arms Embargo : FT – 27 May 2013

(Lucas : The money is gone and now War is the money machine. Via Syria also drawing Iran into it?! It looks like the real faces are shown again.)

Monday 27 May 2013

The Netherlands and Germany are seeking a compromise among EU member states to loosen the EU’s arms embargo against Syria, the Financial Times reports on Monday.

The paper says the aim of the German-Dutch push is to relax the embargo without overturning it altogether. The paper bases its claim on diplomatic sources.

Britain and France are keen to see the embargo relaxed to allow them to help arm the rebels and increase pressure on Damascus for a political solution.

According to Dutch news agency ANP, the Netherlands is pushing for a united EU position on Syria and foreign minister Frans Timmermans has told his European colleagues a divided EU has no role to play.

Timmermans is hoping for a compromise that would allow weapons to be delivered to the rebels under ‘very strict conditions’, ANP said.

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