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Kindness is one of those gifts that just keep on giving. If you give out kindness to others, it brings joy not only to them but to yourself as well. It’s a win-win situation all the way around. So why is the world so lacking in kindness? Because it is still stuck in the 3rd dimensional cesspool of evil and domination. I know personally I strive to live in 5D as much of the time as I can. If you want to live there as well you have to consciously live in your heart and think from your heart and be from your heart. We must be love! Just like the picture suggests, give to somebody else and feel your love grow. Think of your heart like a garden and in order for the flowers to grow you feed it love and light and joy and the flowers will grow and blossom in vivid colors.

See your whole life as a huge garden filled with flowers of beautiful colors and aromas and veggies of every kind, plump and nutritious waiting to feed you. The more lovingly you live your life, the more thoughtful and giving you are, the more caring for the earth you are, the more lush and vibrant your garden becomes. You tend it well by weeding out the old and unwanted emotional weeds that have been stuck within, you fertilize it richly with positive thoughts and guard it well from predators wishing to pilfer your riches. Living this way is most beneficial to you in every way and just takes a willingness to do the hard work to clear a spot first and till it up and then maintain what you have. Become a ‘love’ gardener and reap a bountiful harvest everyday.

Living in the new world is all about creating a life of love and being compassionate towards others, it’s about trying to be the best that we can be. The more we are able to maintain this way of being we hopefully will inspire those around us to do so as well. Being an inspiration to others is such a rewarding experience. I just wish the rest of the world would wake up to this concept more quickly, but as I always say, everything in its own time. I suppose if everyone were to jump on board all at once, then that would itself create an imbalance. The universe will take care of everything if we just allow it to and trust in it. We tend to freak out when things don’t go our way yet if we were just patient and trusted in the universe all would be well and most probably better than if things had gone the way we wanted.

It is time now to put our energies into a new and better way of living. People so often say “Yeah, so how is what I am doing going to change the world?” It will, one individual at a time and like I said, hopefully your way of being will inspire others to be that way as well. Like the ripples on the pond when the stone is thrown in, we all ripple outward and affect those around us. It is our energetic signature that attracts others who resonate at the same frequency. We are all made up of frequency, each frequency having a speed at which it vibrates. Love has the highest frequency on the planet, so be love and you will attract the same frequency to you. We are all interconnected and joined by our spirit. It hums throughout the universe and resides in all things. No man is an island, we are all one. Try each day to be kind to somebody and eventually it will circle back to you!

Blessings to us all,

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