Lucas – Transitioning Transpiring – Are You Calling Freedom : Unity With All Or Just Separation Again? – 28 May 2013

unityIt seems that in the course of things to come there will be a choice to be made. The now quiet passing of the things in the news is just an inch away from the full blast of things going to happen.  whatever you do it is time to call out your name for real 5D freedom and peace of the new paradigm where all opposites will be reconciled and united or you chose to go into separation from that what has been the opposing force or the duality within and without. You are chosing separation with probably punishment for those that have played their role on the dark contrast side of the play well. 

Are we chosing to be free and build with all also the opposing forces the new. I hand out my  invitation to be part with us in unity. Let us make  this new paradigm work for all of us. But in this unity in freedom of all is integrated that the still opposing forces will give in and come to the table. We need them to make clear what has happened, what was done and to make sure we will unite without harming them and anyone in future. The duality game was already over. The time has come to take out the battery of the last lifeline to the opposing forces. We need to reconcile and integrate all that we have learned. For learning what is good, you need to experience what is bad. In all of us having experienced both sides of this duality we reached a new understanding and knowledge we can bring into the new paradigm. Lots of contrast but in balance we can teach others in their still extremely polarized worlds.

So we have next to a new world creating in peace, love and harmony for all in equality lots to do in our coming “future” if we still speak in linear time . We are gonna be the ambassadors of that what is our greatest achievement: understanding duality and living it in all its contrasts extremes.  We can now have still polarities but they are balanced to make up us in a unified way. We are one but also individuals part of the one. Oneness is a certainty in 5D. We are the ones being part of all and all is part of us as well as we all are of source. We will have timeless exploration time, time that all is in the now. The is only that what follows as it follows in a certain flow of things not time. It is an energy experience based paradigm. Being and living energy in us and in creation by manifestation and involvement. Contributing to and being in service to all.  It is a new way without harvesting or feeding or  using others energy for self-indulgence, greed or profit.

We will be creating a new way of community, of understanding all is living energy like us. So Gaia, planets, moons, animals, plants, all is energy and part of all that needs to be honored as live.  Nothing is excluded in the new paradigm anymore we are inclusive and want to take in more to learn and understand and give room for experiencing unity. What a joy this will be. I think we have made already our choice to end this old story book and create a new. The pages are still blank and we will make it happen as we already wrote some things in invisible ink that will show up.

Welcome to your new world it is soon seen as not a thing we need to establish but as the illusion blown away and becoming real.  Whatever happens be kind and know you all had once played a role of dark to contrast others in their experience of the light. So be gentle with all and compassion and forgiving are coming also natural to you if you see what we have achieved all together. All the contrast that made our unification happen will let us feel the bliss of the eternal new you as enlightened beings. Now be joy and feel that all is coming together as it all was intended by source.

Love and Light,


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