Sophia Love – Calling The Healers – 28 May 2013

This is not a battle for conquest and defeat.  The mindset for supremacy is what has led us into this time of revolution.  The force propelling this movement now springs from our very essence.  It is oneness.  It is unity.  It is love.  Once balance is achieved, the ferocity of each engagement will change.

Not today.  Today our fiercest and most unwavering warriors are engaged around the clock.  We are multi-dimensional and as such cannot be separated from every aspect of ourselves.  You may have whispers of memory in your daily life – of negotiations, meetings, battles, conversations.  These are not separate from you.  They are alternate moments of the life you are experiencing now.

Freedom is the goal and balance is key. The struggle is occurring everywhere we are.  If you are a part of it here, you are doing it everywhere.  We are penetrating the highest levels of control, of government, of ownership.  We are changing everything and ushering in a new era.

This is not without cost or constant effort.  As we exit the sharp contrast of duality, those that would control it all are becoming blatant and vicious.  They perceive themselves as having a lot to lose.  There are many who are here for just this moment.  They are fully “in it” now.  These are the angels called in for the final play.  They are here to guarantee the safety of the rest of us.

We can think of ourselves as a team.  As One, we’ve come to bring light to a very dark place; to balance what has, for a very long time, been seriously askew.  Amongst us are teachers, healers, warriors, leaders, peacemakers and nurturers, to name just a few.  As the finale draws ever closer, we are all called to act.  Those that are healers need to focus energy on our warriors at the front now.  The struggle is escalating right before the finish and these angels are in it night and day.  Their 3D bodies are feeling tired and broken from this intense night work.  They could use an extra jolt of light and dose of love.

Focus on those who embody the energy of the lion; unyielding and ferocious when necessary.  Once it has achieved its goal and is no longer threatened or hungry, the lion stands down. Balance is restored.  The difference between this energy and that of the controllers is that in the latter case, they want everything, are looking for domination, and for them winning means complete obliteration of everyone other themselves.  The force of the lion works for equilibrium.  There are times when the ferocity of the lion is called upon to protect the pride.  We are in those times right now.

You know what your purpose is.  As healers, if we come together and focus on those at the front, we are all strengthened.  We are integrating and our nights and days are becoming blurred.  It is love that has gotten us this far and will enable us to go further.  Let’s join together, see each of us whole, healed and brilliantly going forward to do what we are called to.  Send love, light and gratitude for the work being done on every level right now.

We are doing this!  It is an honor stand beside you.  You are the One.



As I was posting, there was a message from our off world contact.  The page with those messages will be updated later today.  Included here is one of the pieces of music from this message.  The songs shared by this contact are meant to inspire and excite us into action, to remind us of why we are here.  I urge you to listen to them all!  Much love to you. / link to original article

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