CLN – Kelsey D. Atherton – Robotic Kite Power Could Turn The Sky Into A Wind Farm – 29 May 2013

add2(Lucas : Interesting, still acquiring a monopoly of that what is already free for all. Still playing?)

Google’s acquisition of a kite power generator manufacturer suggests a strong future for the technology.

Google has acquired a Bay Area technology company that generates power through wind turbines attached to robotic kites. The news comes just a couple weeks after the company, Makani Power, completed the first fully autonomous flight of a kite power system.

How flying generators work: the kite flies in a circle, off nothing more than lift and wind, and uses that motion to push air over its propellers, which in turn generate electricity. The energy is then transmitted down a tether attached to a landing station, dubbed the “spar buoy.” Makani claims that the system generates more energy than conventional turbines and costs less to build.

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