John B. Wells – Coast To Coast AM – May 25th With Karen Hudes – Bank Corruption – 29 May 2013

Uploaded on 26 May 2013 by C2CAMDaily06  (Thanks to for pointing the video out!) ( Lucas : I see Karen Hudes perspective in believing herself  if some elements are removed the system still can go on. In my view she has not calculated in all parts of the bigger picture. I see her saying also there will be a meltdown in gold and a currency war will be taking off. She sees there will not be any economy left nor work. I say, there are no gold backed currencies anymore at this moment in time already it is all fractional reserve banking without any backing. It is fraudulent non-existing money and just digits. There is no gold in the vaults Karen. We have seen already the tungsten bars, and scandals, etc.  Also there is already a thriving barter economy in lots of countries and communities due to the failure of the financial system and its controllers to be in service to all and not the “corporate government”  structures and ” Multinational” corporations and its real owners behind the scenes that are the puppet masters of the system. There is no way we can get back to all that was in first place a lie and illusion to control us and take our energy from us with any system that want control over us. )

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Coast To Coast Am – May 25 2013 – Bank Corruption – C2CAM Daily – John B. Wells…
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