Laura Bruno – Are We Livng in A Cartoon World? – 29 May 2013

laura brunoIs it me, or are the insane people running insane corporations getting exponentially more insane by the moment? I know this is all part of the great unveiling — that more and more people can finally see the Shadows — but does anyone else feel like we’ve entered one of those old cartoons with the over-the-top villains? Or an Austin Powers movie with Dr. Evil? Things have become so absurd that laughter may in fact prove to be the best medicine. One recent exposure to ponder:

Monsanto’s GMO Cucumbers cause mice baldness, mice-eating feral cat baldness, and “natural” Brazilian waxes for unsuspecting men and women taste-testers.

Oh, yes, you too can experience the unpredictable wonders of non-organic cucumbers that steal your pubic hair. In all seriousness, this story reveals several important things, including that GMO effects do rise up the food chain. Farmers testing the new genetically engineered cucumbers in Canada first noticed bald mice in the fields, followed by hairless feral cats, which strongly suggests that eating an animal who consumed GMO’s will, indeed, pass effects upstream to you.

Consider that the US recently approved GM alfalfa and how that will affect non-organic cattle and cow products. Are you willing to take that risk? What happens when the GM alfalfa cross-breeds with organic alfalfa? Can you say franken-cows and franken-humans? Lovely. This is seriously why I believe we should be banning GMO’s not just fighting to label them. In Hungary, they burn GMO corn to the ground, as well they should, in order to destroy genetic perversions that could ruin our entire food chain. Soon.

Will the potential for bald private parts raise the alarm for other unexpected side effects of GMO’s? Who knows? Nova Scotia has banned the mutant cukes, and McDonald’s announced they replaced their cucumber orders with non-GMO pickled zucchini, but will the rest of the world take notice? In a country obsessed with sex, maybe the potential for obviously out of control sex organs will make people wake-up. Or, perhaps Dr. Evil and his bald cat will have the last laugh. / link to original article


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  1. UPDATE: I have been informed that the original article that spawned this one was meant as satire. Here’s my point, though: in this world you really cannot tell! Between the Monsanto Protection Act that IS real and the 82,000 trees in California to be doused with Roundup (and worse) that unfortunately is also real, as well as the GMO wheat in Australia that randomly turns genes on and off without any way of predicting when or how … I still stand by this post: