Shelly Dressel – Goddess Light Telefconference : Adjusting Your DNA & The Wesak 05-19-1913 – 29 May 2013

Uploaded on 27 May 2013 by Shelly Dressel

During this teleconference,the Goddess worked with our DNA to assist in shifting our physical energy. As we align with the higher dimension, there’s a greater ease in the flow when our bodies vibrate at a higher level. This is what the Goddess and energies are assisting us with during this channel.

They then took us to the place where the Wesak festival was taking place. This is an annual event at the time of the Full Moon in May. The energies of the Christ and Buddha come into alignment with each other as they return to earth to work with the energies. This was truly powerful this year due to all the energy that has shifted. I hope you enjoy~~

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