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When was the last time you sat in silence out in nature and asked yourself the deep questions many are more than happy to avoid?  I mean go really deep into your roots asking who am I, what truly matters to me? I don’t think we connect with ourselves as often these days as we probably should. It’s a case of that old ‘autopilot’ syndrome we have been hijacked by.

With what is going to be taking place from here on out there is no way you can make the journey safely if you remain in autopilot, you have to cut that loose and start living by feeling once again, as scary as that may seem. We are in the mess we are in today because we were living on autopilot and not paying attention to what was going on. We also don’t pay attention when we allow ourselves to get dragged into manipulating dramas that snag our emotions and keep us hooked to whatever is happening.

A great deal of what we are sucked in by is totally unnecessary information overload. A grand distraction to keep us from what is important and one of those things is ourselves! We have been dragged far outside our boundaries and now for so many, we don’t know how to get ourselves back from the manipulated dramas to where we need to be. We are disconnected and confused. The only way to get back to the safe zone is through reconnecting with self, knowing thyself as completely as we can. Just what is it that makes you tick? Start with an easier question like if I were stranded on an island, what 5 things could I NOT be without. This helps to show you priorities. Another one is if I died tomorrow, how would I want to be remembered? If you can answer that it will show you who your soul longs for you to be, it reveals a direction for you to go in and a purpose to discover.

Questioning life is fascinating, for me anyway. It is just part of who I am, curious and always wanting to discover new things. I realize not everybody has this desire, but we all have to do this to some extent if we are to understand and know ourselves. How can you create a life for yourself if you don’t even know what you like or desire? Part of why we have become such a materialistic society is because we don’t know who we are and that leaves a huge hole within that needs to be filled up. Unfortunately all the THINGS in the world won’t fill that void, only we can fill that void by reconnecting with ourselves. Begin by turning off your televisions and learning to think for yourself again. You don’t need Government to tell you what to do, you already know if you pay attention.

Knowing oneself is such a secure and comforting feeling. After all we live in our bodies all our lives, would we rather live with a stranger or a friend? As we sit and see terrible things constantly paraded out before us to supposedly make us fearful, instead of succumbing to fear, we can instead look deeply at the situation and ask ourselves, how can I help change this, what do I have to offer, what better way of doing something can I create or suggest to someone else to create. There are answers to every situation we are finding ourselves in and all it takes is deep thinking and ingenuity to get ourselves out of it. Answers are what are created if we do not invite fear into our presence but rather push it away. Take time to research answers on the internet and the whole world opens up. It takes being active and defying what is occurring all around us. For every problem that pops up in your life say okay, I’m going to find the solution to this and you will! Just DO IT !!!

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