Lisa Gawlas – Multidimensional Earths : Bringing Up The Frequencies, TOGETHER!! – 31 May 2013

energy-abstractWhat a strange day yesterday was.  First my online calendar and my phone calendar somehow became un-synced.  Most of my phone appointments were set two hours later than what my EDT adjusted appointments, which is actually in the opposite direction if they were still reflecting MDT.  The readings, excuse me, connections I did do, well, they just boggled the ba-jesus outta me.  Kinda still do.  For whatever reason, I did all my readings on the front porch yesterday.  My first lady who lives in the United Arab Emirates brought the energy of Ganesh to the funnel cloud in the front.  This didn’t surprise me too much because Ganesha was such a prevalent part of her readings when we were on the Mesa together.  Ganesh set himself up on the topside of the cloud energy and sits on the left side of the opening of the funnel cloud reaching down towards the ground.

Lord Ganesh

Ganesha being the bearer of wisdom and the remover of obstacles, I was really glad to see him join us.  When he showed up he was walking around the opening of the funnel cloud in a clock wise motion, as the day progressed, he sat steadfast at due left, where the top side of the cloud bank opens to the funnel energy.  As the image I used has his dressed in gold, he did have gold energy surrounding him, but had nothing at all in any of his hands.

My second lady…. well, she just puzzled me.  Directly in front of Ganesha she added a 2 foot length of silver chain link.  The links were really big, like about 2 inches each, all interconnected, and dangling at the left side down the funnel spout.


My third lady just made me giggle.  There she was, in between the left and right side, what I feel would represent the west (harvest) dressed like I Dream of Jeannie and wiggling back and forth, back anf forth…


She never stopped wiggling the whole time we were together!!  Jeannie herself represents magic as well as the Divine Feminine.  Take the pink of her clothing and we bring in the element of passion.  The wiggling brings in a joyous seduction of life itself.

My last lady of the day… well she brought the energy of a deep gold/yellow gel like film that I felt was either like a suction cup of something, that was located at the very bottom of the funnel cloud pointing towards the ground.  Her gel like energy left about 2 inches from the connection of the funnel cloud connecting directly to the ground itself.  But her film was not stationary, it moved and stretched like it was doing all it could to connect to the ground itself.

In-between all the strangeness of the connections of yesterday, we had a great conversation happening on my facebook wall.  A beautiful soul introduced me to a channel called Bashar.  She posted a relevant video channel he had done and so many puzzle peices (of my own) just fell into place.  I will share the video with you… I fell in love with his presentation and information instantly, because it so representing all the things I do and do not see!!

Uploaded on 2 May 2013 Niclas Lindén (Lucas: This is Bashar by Daryl Anka)

When he mentioned moving between the various versions of earth a huge huge light bulb turned on.  How did I not see this before?  When I was traveling cross country to here, it was more like a downward ride thru the various versions of earth itself.  When I crossed from Tennessee into Bristol Virginia, I landed in the densest version of earth.  When I woke up in that hotel the next morning, there was a lady screaming at the top of her lungs… racial slurs like I have not heard in a long long time.  My heart broke and my ears were bleeding.  I so forgot such anger, such hate.  I do not live in a world where that hate and separation is even thought about any longer… and yet, this was a part of my morning coffee.  Blah!!

So I had to wonder about Newport News, Virginia… what makes that so different.  I know I absolutely disliked the energy of Virginia all the while I lived there, but now, after being in Pennsylvania for 2 weeks, it feels more and more like the sunshine state!!  5 years of constantly working and raising my own vibration opened portals that flooded the place with light.  Coupled with the fact it is surrounded by ocean waters…  The house my son lives in, I lived in and did massage out of years before I left.  So my own personal light field is well established there and very much connected to my light field in New Mexico (it can be no other way.)

I have spent these last few weeks really paying attention to the energy that comes off of peoples tongues as they speak.  Rigid, often times so angry, expectant.  The ego mind cannot help but to flourish in this energy field.  I surely do not miss my ego being like that!!!  For those who have set up their Light Bodies in this landscape, in any landscape that still houses such deep, dark energy… THANK YOU!!!  You are the bravest of the brave, true worker bee’s of love and courage.  It is YOU who did all the ground work, breaking the cement up into chunks, disconnected debris of the old energy and for that, Heaven and earth is indebted to your fortitude, your strength and willingness of spirit.

In my meditation yesterday morning, I once again called on the Planeathians for understanding of what is really happening and what we are really doing.  Here, even in this wonderful bathtub that my dad has, my meditations are fractured, a moment of communication here, a moment there, but not the stead stream of visuals, communications and upward journey’s I am so accustomed to, the speaker of the Planeathians said they will give us a message once I am in Virginia and can hold their energy in place again.  They will gives us the clarity (I) we seek in what we are doing and what it all means to the greater multi-verses.

Today, I am doing all the readings in the back yard so we can work that energy funnel.  I will let you know how it all goes tomorrow!!

Thank you so much for being a beautiful part of this changing world.  Thank you for all you do by Being YOU!!

You are cherished and loved to the core, from the core!

(((((HUGZ)))) of Life, Love and abundant JOY!

Lisa Gawlas

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