Visionkeeper – Reprogram Yourself – 31 May 2013

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The words to the left are so vital for us to embrace. Great truth lies within them. So often we hesitate to do things or become things because we think we are this and that which make us unacceptable. More than likely it is not those reasons at all but rather as the quote says, who we think we’re not! Once again we allow thoughts to enter our lives and believe them like the gospel truth. I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough. Says who? Says you and who is to say that your thoughts are correct in the first place? And so we allow our progress forward to become stunted by a belief that very well may not even be true. This is crazy! It truly baffles the mind trying to understand how we have fallen prey to such thinking. Where did it evolve from, was it childhood upbringing, circumstance, television?

I know I so often talk about television, but it deserves some very serious thought by everyone. I’m going to age myself here, but if you can, think back to the leave it to beaver days on TV. Think about what our state of the country was during those times. Most kids were fairly content, busy roller skating, going to the drive in movies, mom staying home to take care of the kids while dad went off to work. Pretty mundane and so was leave it to beaver. Fast forward to today and look at the state of our country and then take a good hard look at our television programing. The two walk hand in hand down the aisle. The more violent the programs and devoid of morals, the more we fashion ourselves after it. Where we are today is not by chance!

Hopefully we all will open up our eyes soon and see how completely manipulated we are. If you truthfully look at the scenario playing out before you, there is no way you can honestly deny what you see. Sometime when you are free, sit for a few hours and watch television carefully, not necessarily the shows, but watch the advertising. It is important! The ads    today are so degrading, created for a child’s intelligence yet aimed for adults. They are dumb, nonsensical and most often put down the people. Why must we put up with this abuse designed to destroy our self-worth and self-esteem? Often it is subtle which is even worse because people receive the messages non stop, assimilating their negative messages. They enter our minds as seedlings and slowly over time begin to take root. We have one ad here about Aflac insurance that centers around the Aflac duck! The duck has been injured and is in recovery thanks to Aflac! OMG they even have a website page for the duck!  Please, give me a break! I truly find these ads insulting.

We are perfect just as we are and we are capable of accomplishing anything, but they’d rather we didn’t know or believe that. Well believe it! We are well-trained to think we can’t do what we would like to do, but we can! We are endless beings of shimmering energy with no beginnings and no end. We just are and will continue to be for eternity. Our minds are geared to manifest whatever we desire, we and nobody else are in control of our lives. We are the captains of our ship able to sail off into any day-dream or thought we wish to embark on. We have allowed our lives to be manipulated long enough and now that must stop! Pay close attention to your children and spend time giving them your input into life. Schools and television are designed to destroy our children’s creativity and free thinking. Be there for them and encourage them to embrace life however the choose to live it! It’s up to us to save them from the same brainwashing we have endured! It is time to be free!

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